Are you paying a lot to the doctor? These are the medical expenses you can deduct, according to the SAT

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Mexico.- People’s health is the most valuable thing in families and many expenses are often incurred to cope with the inconvenience, but remember that many of them can be deducted before the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

It’s almost the end of the year and constant health costs continue to accumulate in some families, especially if there are problems with diabetes, high blood pressure or any other disease that requires constant attention.

Now, you should know that many medical expenses can be deducted so that you pay less VAT or even have money in your favor in your annual tax return, so here we tell you which expenses what you can present on the SAT.

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Medical expenses that can be deducted in the annual declaration

  1. Medical payments.
  2. Dentist, treatment and consultation.
  3. Psychology and nutrition services.
  4. Medical expenses due to disability or disability.
  5. Hospital expenses.
  6. Medications included in the bills for hospitalization (included in hospital receipts, not pharmacy receipts).
  7. Clinical analysis, laboratory studies or prostheses.
  8. Purchase or rent of equipment for restoration or rehabilitation.
  9. Paying nurses.
  10. Prescription optical lenses (up to a value of $2,500), per year, for each of the people who purchased the lenses, provided that the characteristics of said lenses are described in the receipt or there is a diagnosis by an ophthalmologist or optometrist.

Recommendation to deduct these expenses

Whenever you make this type of expense, check your invoice and make sure that:

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The “CFDI Use” field is for “Medical, dental and hospital payments” or “Medical expenses due to disability or disability,” as applicable.

The key corresponds to the payment method: Nominative check, electronic funds transfer, credit card, debit card and service card.

Remember that for this to be considered in your annual declaration you must avoid deducting:

  • Medicines bought in pharmacies.
  • 100% of your bill if it includes other non-deductible concepts such as co-payment, coinsurance, discount memberships, in hospitals: flower shop and cafeteria, etc.
  • Expenses if no corresponding tax receipt is issued in the applicable year.
  • Medical expenses for your pets.

When you receive your invoice, make sure that the key of the product and service you considered corresponds to the keys associated with this type of personal deduction.

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If you buy large medical expense insurance, remember that the premiums are deductible but in your annual return you must apply them within the type of deduction Medical expense insurance premiums and not as a medical cost. You cannot deduct invoices paid in cash.