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Are you starting training? Stop making these mistakes

There’s never a bad time to venture into the world of healthy living: start by changing your eating habits, drinking more water, living a calmer life, or even starting to exercise? Stop making these mistakes so it doesn’t become overwhelming or you don’t hurt yourself trying.

Don’t wait until the New Year to start making new resolutions! If you want a healthy life, you can start now.

Are you starting training? Stop making these mistakes

Sometimes we find it difficult to start training due to lack of motivation, time or because we believe we lack the skills. The Verywell Fit portal recommends ignoring the following measures that can stop the urge to move and distance us from our goals.

1. Set unrealistic goals

We already know that we often want a noticeable change in a very short period of time. However, in reality, jumping straight into exercises we are not ready for or movements without experience can only cause us muscle pain and frustration. Stop making this big mistake when you start training.

Starting training doesn’t mean doing everything at once and completing endless routines. You can start with beginner routines, exercise, or go to the gym and enlist the help of a trainer.

2. Wait until you feel like exercising

Grandmas would say, “The body gets used to bad things”; That means if we feel good without doing much, it will be difficult for us to get up a little earlier to exercise, right? It takes habit, discipline and perseverance to achieve our goals.

Let’s not wait for a spark of motivation to exercise. It is better to use the commitment we have to ourselves. You can write down your goal somewhere you’ll always see to remind yourself where you’re starting and where you’re going.

3. Overexert yourself

Contrary to the previous point, you don’t want to do twice as much in a single day in the hopes of faster results or as a “punishment” for failing to do so. Habits are built little by little and small “failures” may occur, but that doesn’t mean you should become demotivated.

Listen to your body and do the exercise as much as possible. Little by little you will make progress. This is one of the mistakes you shouldn’t make when you start training.

4. Be afraid of failure

Perfectionism toward ourselves can cause us to use guilt and shame to want quick change, disguising it as “motivation.” That’s why we sometimes push ourselves harder to finish a routine we’ve started.

You see, it’s okay if there are times when you’re sick, injured, exhausted, on vacation, or going through something else that forces you to stop your exercise program. You can restart on another day or time.

5. Not planning

We often blame our “lack of time” as the reason why we haven’t developed the habit of exercising. If we wait for “free time” to appear out of nowhere, we’ll never get started. Therefore, it is better to keep a space in your diary and plan your training time; Also plan what you will do during this time.

6. Find excuses not to move on

This follows on from the previous mistake: get rid of the excuses that make you want to go back to bed. There are many reasons for not exercising during the day: we are constantly busy or tired or we have other priorities. However, these thoughts will not help you keep the original commitment you made.

Be honest with yourself, you can find exercises that don’t require you to leave the house or are suitable for beginners no matter where you start.

What YES to do

When you start training, we have already told you what mistakes you should stop making, but there are also solutions like the following.

  • First of all, realize that exercise isn’t everything. Although it is a great way to activate the body and feel renewed, it goes hand in hand with an entire lifestyle: aspects such as diet and mental health are also part of your overall well-being.
  • Set goals for yourself over a certain period of time: for example, a certain number of training sessions per week or train at a certain intensity and gradually increase them.
  • Understand that movement comes with time to see a change. According to Verywell Fit, it can take up to a year to see real, lasting changes. Consider long-term healthy living goals.
  • Make sure you are doing the right workouts for you. Evaluate whether you enjoy what you are doing at the level of your current physical condition

And you, are you starting to train? Let us know on social media if you knew any of these common mistakes!

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