Are you traveling to the United States? This is the best way to have unlimited data

 Are you traveling to the United States?  This is the best way to have unlimited data

When you go abroad, you definitely want to continue to have access to the Internet normally. We no longer know how to travel without our mobile phone and it is the best ally to find the best route to get to a place, the opening time of a museum, where we can have lunch or have dinner and which restaurants are near or even at. get an attraction pass. Internet while we wait. In that case, if you travel, you may be wondering how to get unlimited data while traveling to the United States and how much it costs us to have it.

When we travel to Europe we have no problem connecting to the Internet. All we have to do is get off the plane and activate mobile data and our phone will automatically find a compatible network or operator where we can connect without problems and without additional costs . But this only happens if we are inside the European Economic Area. Things change when we leave Europe and travel to other countries like the United States and every megabyte of Internet we use becomes very expensive.

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Check with your operator

The first thing we need to do is check the conditions of our operator. There is no extra cost for roaming in Europe but depending on the company you contract with you may have some conditions or others and some include the United States among the countries where you can surf the Internet as if in Spain. This is unusual but we have found specific cases, such as Vodafone.

Vodafone not only has roaming included in the European Union but the operator’s customers can enjoy their mobile rate as in Spain At no additional cost also in United Kingdom, United States and other places like Switzerland, Vatican, Monaco. This gives us the right not only to browse the Internet but also to call or send SMS. Even though we have limitations and we can’t have unlimited data, but if you go for a week you won’t have a problem because usually they are more than 15 GB what we can spend.

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Are You Traveling To The United States? This Is The Best Way To Have Unlimited Data

Uses public WiFi networks

Depending on where you go, you will find more or less public WiFi networks or ones that you can connect to, but usually there are more options available. If you go to New York, almost on every corner you will find chain stores like Starbucks or Dunkin Coffee that They offer free WiFi network for all customers. In addition, you can find the possibility to connect also in stations and even in public squares where there is an Internet connection. In addition to tourist public buildings, shopping centers and others.

But remember one thing. Using public WiFi networks is great if you want to have unlimited data in the United States but it comes with many risks and may be a problem for your privacy or for your information. then, It’s best if you use a VPN to connect to the Internet and that your data is protected when you access these types of networks.

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Public Wifi Networks

Use a local data card

Another option you can consider is to buy local cards that we can use with a 4G modem to connect to the Internet. Can meet a 4G or 5G router it’s cheap at 20 or 30 euros and we insert the SIM card that you can buy at the airport or at special establishments. If you have it, you can create a WiFi network for everyone traveling and you can have unlimited data in the United States during your visit.

You can also use the card in your mobile phone but it’s always more annoying that you have to change it or make your SIM unusable for a few days if you take it out and your smartphone doesn’t have dual SIM which means that you can continue both without breaking your routine.