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Are you using old Windows? Follow these steps now to update your PC

Each version of Windows has a well-known life cycle from launch. When Microsoft introduces a new operating system, we already know about how long it will be on the market and when it will die. Not only with major versions, but also with individual system updates. Therefore, it is vital that the computer is always up-to-date, on the Microsoft support circuit. If you do not know how to do this, we will explain it below.

Depending on the version of Windows we have installed on the computer, there may be a different process to update to support the new version. We see the most common reasons and how we should act in each of them.

Use Windows Vista, XP or earlier

If we have a computer with Vista, XP, or an earlier version of Windows, it is very likely that we cannot update to one of the newer versions of the operating system that does not meet the requirements. We will try to see windows 10 on the computer so that we can do the wizard, but there is no option to update, so we will have to install it from scratch.

We need to download the account, create an installation USB or DVD, and start the installation on the PC with it. We follow it to partitions, and there we will simply delete all partitions and create new and necessary Windows.

Install Windows 10 Parts

In the end, we will have the PC updated to Windows 10.

Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

If our computer already has one of these versions of the operating system installed, it is almost certain that the new one will not cause problems with Windows 10, so we can certainly update it. For this, we can download this tool from Microsoft and follow the steps to install the new version of the operating system above. During the process, the wizard will verify us with the requirements, and in addition, it will save our files and data so that we don’t lose anything in the process.

Upgrade Your Pc To Windows X

In the case of having Windows 32 bit, the model will be to format the whole PC to install Windows 64 bit from the whole 10 and take advantage of its advantages and security functions. In fact, it is most likely that we will not be able to install Windows 11 on the PC, since we will not meet the requirements, especially with TPM.

Windows 10 and Windows 11

If we already use one of these versions of Windows, then we don’t have to worry, since both systems are supported (the first, until 2025, and the second, now, indefinitely). What we have to do is make sure that we use the latest versions of the system so that all the advantages and features are available. Both systems now have version 22H2, released in Fall 2022.

Windows Update November 2022

To update these versions, we simply have to open Windows Update, whether we are using Windows X or Windows 11, and install all the updates that appear available to us from there.

Also, if we want to upgrade Windows X to Windows XI, we can also do it while the new Microsoft system meets the fear. The process is the same as before, searching for the update in Windows Updates, and following the steps to start the new Microsoft OS. Of course, programs, data and other settings are not deleted in the process.

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