Argentina beat Egypt in the Volleyball World Cup and 16. acquired the ability to work hard during the period of

Argentina volleyball team They defeated Egypt 3–2 and qualified for the 16th round of the World Cup. In a far more complicated game, Marcelo Mendez’s team reacted just in time after turning the tide and going down the scoreboard to get tickets. He still doesn’t know who his next opponent will be.,

Argentina partially won against the Egyptians with Mendoza’s central player 27–25, 26–28, 24-26, 25–17 and 15–6 Agustin Loser (19 points) as figure and as top scorer with Bruno Lima 23 opposite San Juan,

The team led by Marcelo Mendez did not play a great game in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, with a winning streak in order not to be eliminated from the tournament, but the victory was enough to enter the Round of 16 as it was one of the best. third parties.

Now you have to wait for other results to know your next opponentIn a cross that would – of course – against one of the best.

Argentina came from two defeats in Group F, 3 to 2 against Iran and the Netherlands, which had already qualified—today would define the situation for the next leg.

Volleyball World Cup: Argentina and Netherlands define the match in the fifth set
Volleyball World Cup: Argentina and Netherlands define the match in the fifth set

24 countries participate in this world cupDivided into six groups of four, and the best two from each zone as well as the best four third-placed teams will advance to the Round of 16.

Against Egypt, Argentina formed with Luciano de Seco, Bruno Lima; Agustin Loser, Martin Ramos; Faasundo Conte and Luciano Vicentin. Libero: Santiago Danani. Jan Martinez, Matias Sanchez, Pablo Kukartsev and Luciano Palonski also entered.

tip of formosa Ezequiel Palacios could not play in the group stage due to knee injury.

Selected Albiceleste, Bronze medal in Tokyo OlympicsThis World Cup presents a mixed team with eight players who were in historic triumph and six young debutants in the Senior World Cup.

In his 12 World Cup appearances, Argentina managed to reach the podium only in the 1982 World CupWhich was played in our country, and was 15th at the last World Cup in Italy-Bulgaria in 2018, when Julio Velasco directed the team.

How is the Cross of the Round of 16 Defined?

After the grouping phase, a general table will be created and the 16 classifiers will be sorted by points to define the cross:

  • first vs sixteenth
  • second vs fifth
  • Third Vs. fourteenth
  • Fourth Vs. thirteenth
  • Fifth Vs. twelfth
  • Sixth Vs. eleventh
  • Seventh Vs. tenth
  • Eighth Vs. ninth


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