Argentina should worry about us


The calm but cheerful pace of former deputy and former senator Nelson Ávila (80) in a time of great tension shows that his quiet life in a family plot in Rinconada de los Andes, his hometown, is good for him. Completely removed from contingent politics for more than a decade after unscathed links to the Spiniak case, a violation of immunity, charges of insults due to criticism of bribes and conflicts of interest in fishing law, trying to make the ChileVe party and defending the legalization of marijuana , Ávila says that he only follows the contingent policy “like a bullfighting fan would say: watching the bulls from the sidelines.”

-Aren’t you excited to get back into politics how “fun” it is?

-No. I have decided that we must allow the new generations to assume the role that corresponds to them in the world we live in. This is not only valid for Chile but for all countries that are currently struggling in the midst of absolute uncertainty.

-But this uncertainty requires experience after a social explosion and two attempts at a Constitution. You don’t think so?

– We live in a very difficult world and Chile has been hit by circumstances that no one thought could happen to us. First, politics has become more tumultuous than before because de-idiologization has a detrimental effect on citizens. People have no direction, they walk without a compass, we have no ideas or ideas to hold onto to walk towards the future, so we find ourselves in the middle of a whirlwind with indeterminate, ambiguous road. In a moment, a social explosion occurs and the country thinks it is a sign that deep changes need to be made. In this agreement, a constituent body is chosen which believes that it has achieved full power and, therefore, it is in its hands to do whatever it wants and whatever it wants. , it brings with it absolutely terrible consequences because The pendulum swings to the other extreme and, therefore, a Congress is elected that has nothing to do with the government that was elected and that ends up disrupting politics , because it is like putting a bolt in the gears of an engine. difficulty but now it has completely stopped.

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-Do you feel like living in a prisoner country?

-From every point of view: the economic, the institutional, the legislative.

-How do we get out of this mess?

– That is the big challenge.

-You are a student of politics. What is more useful: look at other countries?, think about our capabilities?, wait for this young government that rejects the “old” to pass?

-Solutions are very difficult because not only the issues I have just mentioned, but we also have a bigger threat which is climate change, which produces very complex consequences, very difficult to solve and, even more so, for governments that are as complex as ours. So the climate around the world is very difficult. These two wars have a direct impact on the quality of life in the rest of the planet, as it is conceived, as world production is distributed, with China as the big factory and the rest as a supplier of raw materials. When a problem of the magnitude we have at hand arises, everything seems to be disrupted in terms of normal flow in all aspects. No one has a formula.

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-And what do you think the path Argentina can take?

-Now, Argentina, a very important neighbor for our own life, has three alternatives before it: one, to jump into the void; two, complete chaos and, three, the most complete confusion. So, what happens there, in Argentina, is something that should concern us because it has a direct impact on us.

-And in the elections in Chile: Jose Antonio Kast or Evelyn Matthei?

-Not one or the other but the opposite.

-And between Evelyn Matthei or Carolina Tohá?

-Between Matthei and Tohá we can be closer to a little reasonable competition, that is, return to presenting the citizens with options that can give the government.

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– Because they are women…

-Not so much because they are women

-But he didn’t risk it for any of them!

-Put that scenario, obviously Carolina Tohá, without a doubt.

-Isn’t it a political solution to this crisis to be subject to a female, loving, alternative control? Testosterone politics aside…

-No no No. The issue is not that way but, perhaps, what we can aspire to at this minute is the return of the country to a reasonable, understandable political scenario, which allows us to have real possibilities to get out of what we have.

-New Constitution: For or against?

-For December 17, they made it very difficult to vote in favor if the extreme right, which is leading the charge today, continues their stubbornness.

-What opinion does President Gabriel Boric make of you?

-Boric did what he could humanly, what was politically possible and what circumstances could be put in front of him.

-You feel that it is like a government that has been given into the hands of the Lord…

-As a government that is now trapped in great uncertainty created by a unique political climate and a world that is moving to nowhere.