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Argentina’s program that is already a record and is making history


A table in any cafe. Around him, five or more people discuss the issues of the day. That is all. Does anyone have an idea that this could be a television format? Yes, Gerardo Sofovich. Sure, in a time when debate is rampant and panelists are given license to say whatever comes to mind, it’s easy to think of such a cycle, but 60 years ago it was somewhat offensive. and you know what? The program will start a new season this Monday and continues to make history on Argentine TV and around the world.

and in this occasion Initially, there will be many changes in the cycle running from Monday to Friday at 11:15 pm in the US., because television should somehow reflect what is happening in society. And the most important in this case will be driving, because For the first time ever, a woman, Marcela Tiniere, will lead the programme. There will be other amendments besides Gustavo SofovichProducer and son of the current general producer, He told them in an exclusive interview with Noticius Argentinas.

– What will change in the new season of “Controversy at the Bar”?

– The new season of Controversy is totally different, it’s a hinge, a before and after. Historically the controversies have been led by men and when it turns 60 it is led by a woman.

Why do you think this format has continued on the screen even after 60 years, despite different changes over time?

Controversy never really gets old, it has a life of its own. As papa – Gerardo Sofovich – said, the important thing is not who is sitting but what those who are sitting say. If you watch other television programs like entertainment or politics, you will see people sitting around a table talking about topics of interest. Controversy creates a format that has been the cornerstone of programs over the years with panelists as people voicing their opinions to the right and left of the host, whether in a bar or in the studio, Controversy is the mother of all. I come from black and white television and I have seen what this program is and how it has been taken as a reference over the years.

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– What is the secret of the polemic?

– Of course it is a balance of political opinion of a Peronist, Radical, or PRO, what a Boca or river fan says, it is a balance of Christian, Jewish or Arab religion, or a balance of expression. Man, a woman, non-binary or whatever. Opposing views immediately generate controversy, which survives on different opinions. Black and white or other colors. This is creating a controversy that is not going to end in discussion but in debate. For me it is an immortal format.

– How was Marcela Tinaire’s choice as hostess of the table?

– In particular, I have been looking for Marcela Tinier for 3 or 4 years to be part of the change that has been creating controversy in recent years, in which women are sitting at the table. Martin Kvaler, my partner in this project and my friend for 30 years and someone I respect and admire, turns it around and says “60 years is a hinge” and suggests that this season there should be a woman And that woman is Marcela Tinaire. He had her planned for another project and yet she opened the door for him to become the host. At first I was very skeptical that it was a woman and then I realized that it was the norm, so that everything changes and a 180-degree turn. And this was exactly the woman I had been looking for for years.

– What will each of the numbers bring to you this year?

– Gabe Schultz is a delightful full-court rogue who understands the concept of when to argue or form an opinion. Eliana Guercio is a lady from the neighborhood who knows the world, is alive and has a very clear vision of where to go. Flavio Mendoza is an artist and it is very important to have an artist with formed opinions, he is an actor, set designer, choreographer, but also a businessman, and he knows very well the difficulties that businessmen can have today. I have nothing new to say about Chiche Gelblung, for me he is a hero of entertainment and journalism who I admire, love and consider family, imagine him sitting with Gerardo And it was an honor for me to have him next to me. Marcelo Pollino is a man who understands show and this business, he’s controversial, he doesn’t keep quiet, he’s a perfect man for controversy. Claudio Rico is the one that we have as a comedian this year, by choice, and he has such delicious characters as Javier Miley, Alberto Fernandez, Horacio Rodríguez Laria, a very funny Cristina Kirchner, Lilita Carió, she is a very Professional with whom I would love to go back to meet and with whom I have been working for many years.

– What do you think about this 23:15 schedule, taking into account that they will have to change days and hours when Tinelli arrives?

– It’s a challenge because at that time if I’m already at home I want to watch something that doesn’t overwhelm me, that doesn’t clearly show me the reality of the country I live in, but I change the channel and a little Netflix or a sign. I want to see something that inspires me to be on open television, which is very difficult to keep to the public today. The challenge is finding content for those who are about to turn off the TV at that moment and stand still for a while.

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Why do you think television doesn’t bet more on humour?

– In the country where we live, it is very difficult to make humor in this context, humor is very complex. Today those comedians are being born who were probably at the time of Gerardo’s controversy, our society does not allow these comedians to be born. The parents would drop them off before the boys could play, sometimes as late as 12 at night. The place was different, the cabaret was different, everything was different 60 years ago. It is very difficult to make humor in the country we live in, at least I am talking about the humor of controversy.

– What will Gerardo say before the start of the 60th season of Controversy?

– Gerardo would say today “It is a program that has lasted 60 years and can last another 60 years.” I think he would also be proud of the work we are all doing and most of all the son he left behind and the man his son is becoming.

– And what does Gustavo say?

First of all, I would like to thank everyone from the public to the officials of the channel. To Martin Kvaler who accompanied me to this stage and put his shoulder in such a way that he had no commitment to do so and the truth is that it is part of what makes this air. The only thing I can do is thank everything life is giving me. Polemika is four years older than me. I’m already 56 years old and the controversy turned 60, this program made me crawl. For me, at this point in time, being the creator of the artistic, commercial, commercial part of this product is the revenge of a life that is given simply because I am well. This is the best example when I say better life. Because the best life is to be healthy and live it that way. Otherwise my old man’s last name would have been forgotten 8 years ago when he died I’m proud of what I’m doing and what I’m going to leave my kids which is what he got me for Gerardo had left

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