Ark: Survival Ascended decided to disconnect the official servers due to a wave of hackers


It is common for companies, along with their communities, to be in a constant and endless battle against hackers. This is a story that may not end in this medium with many online experiences, and on this occasion, the Wildcard studio is facing a terrible situation due to the invasion of a hacker in the official ARK: Survival Ascended server.

Due to the desperate situation experienced by PC and Xbox players on the crossplay servers, the studio decided to take a drastic step to provide a temporary solution. In a statement through its social networks, Wildcard detailed the situation they faced and the reasons for this difficult decision.

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No crossplay servers until next week

In the official statement uploaded by Officer of the X ARK It is detailed that they have many problems with hackers, forced to disable the PvP Crossplay server on the PC version of Windows. At the moment, the studio explains that it is working shoulder to shoulder with Microsoft and Battleye in order to implement measures that will protect the experience of its users against fraudsters.

Due to this temporary shutdown which is expected to last only a few days, the following types of servers are affected:

  • PvP – The Island
  • PvP – Small Tribes
  • PvP – Modded – The Island
  • PvP – Arkpocalypse – The Island
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It should be noted that private servers are not affected and to end this note, the studio is committed to resolving the situation quickly with ARK: Survival Ascended so that at the beginning of next week Windows players will return to their activities without worrying about cheaters.