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Arkansas Gubernatorial Race 2022 PollAccording to the latest poll, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leading among Republicans and Chris Jones is leading among Democrats.

February 1

The Arkansas gubernatorial election will take place on November 8, 2022 to elect the governor. Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson is an incumbent whose term is limited and cannot seek re-election because he has already served two terms. Now Arkansas is one of eight US states and one territory that limits governors to just two terms like California, Michigan and Nevada etc. The deadline for filing nomination papers is March 1, 2022. The winner of the election will be sworn in on 10 January 2023.

Arkansas Gubernatorial Race 2022: Candidates

Democratic Party

1. Anthony Blandpublic school teacher and nominated for lieutenant governor in 2018

2. Chris Jonesexecutive director of the Arkansas Regional Innovation Center

3. James Russell, small business owner

4. Sufa Zyprasith-Mayesentrepreneur

Republican Party

Sarah Huckabee Sandersdaughter of former White House press secretary (2017–19) and former governor Mike Huckabee

Arkansas Governor Race 2022 Poll: Google Search Comparison

Latest Google Trends

Anthony Bland – 6%

Chris Jones – 60%

James Russell – 33%

Arkansas Gubernatorial Race 2022 Poll: Comparing Social Media Emotions

names of candidates

Anthony Bland

Chris Jones

james russell

31 January




Name of the candidates

Anthony Bland

Chris Jones

james russell

31 January




Arkansas Gubernatorial Race 2022 Poll: Latest News

Hutchinson warns fellow GOP governors: Talking about the 2020 election is a losing strategy

GOP Sen. Susan Collins backs Trump in 2024, but Governor Asa Hutchinson says former president doesn’t deserve a second shot at the White House

Arkansas Gubernatorial Race 2022: Latest Video

Arkansas Gubernatorial Race 2022 Poll: Latest Tweets

Originally tweeted by Chris Jones (@JonesForAR) Feather 31 January 2022,

Thank you to everyone who helped with today’s fundraising ? Tomorrow is the last day to achieve our goal. So if you haven’t yet – chip in, RT, and help us get it done.

Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders raised a total of $12.8 million for the campaign, 66% from state donations.  karki


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