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Arlo counters and vulnerabilities in Pokemon Go (July 2022)

Arlo will be joining his Team Rocket mates in July with a new team for Pokémon Go trainers. Fortunately, though, this team doesn’t have to worry much.

Team Rocket leaders are notorious for poor coverage, but Arlo has taken this to another level. In fact, there is one type of Pokémon that should only take care of opening two of Arlo’s Pokémon.

Most trainers should be more than capable of doing quick work from Arlo.

Which Pokemon should trainers try to use against Arlo?

This month, Arlo will lead with Execute. This will be his entire team:

  • Lead: Xexecute
  • Second: Alolan Xagkut, Dragonite or Salamance
  • Finals: Gardevoir, Sizzor or Steelix

This squad may seem more dangerous because of the three dragons on Arlo’s side, but in fact they all share one quad weakness: ice.

Not that it was too much of a threat to begin with, but Exeggcute also loses to Ice-types, which makes the game plan for this fight incredibly simple. All Trainers need to do is lead with the first two Pokémon of an Ice-type, Keio Arlo, and then switch to a partner that can deal with Gardevoir, Sizor, or Steelix.

Since most of Arlo’s team is 4x weaker than Ice, this could be an opportunity to use a few different Ice-types. Of course, if a trainer has a Gallerian Darmaniton and MammosWine, go for it.

They should pick up a real easy pair of KOs. That doesn’t mean a Froslass or an Alolan Ninetails can’t do exactly that, though.

Alolan ninetails can beat most of arlo's team on its own (image via the pokémon company)
Alolan Ninetails can beat most of Arlo’s team on its own (Image via The Pokémon Company)

Either way, the important thing is that they deal serious ice-type damage. After that’s all set up, the only order of business is to counter the Gardevoir, Scissor and the Steelix.

When it comes to Sizor, the only real way to beat it is with Fire-Type. The good news is that the Fire beats the Steelix as well.

However, the best fire-type to use here is Charizard. Being a Flying-type, Charizard resists ground attacks that the Steelix can throw at him.

Moltres and Talonflame are equally helpful as they have a secondary flying typing as well. Charizard may have the highest DPS due to its access to Blast Burn, arguably the best fire-type move in the game.

Chandelior would be an excellent choice for those trainers who do not have a chariot yet. Chandelure also deals massive DPS and can use the Shadow Ball to take a KO on Gardevoir.

For the third Pokémon, Trainers can hold Steel or Ghost-type, both of which can be dealt with Gardevoir. The best options would be Resistel, Melmetal or Gallerian Stunfisk.

An example of a team that can destroy Arlo would look like this

  • Lead: Alolan Nightingales
  • Second: Charizard
  • Ultimate: Exadryl

Essentially, Alolan Ninetails will pick up a quick two KOs. Afterwards, the trainers will swap out the Charizard if they see Gardevoir one of the Steel-types or Exadrill. The result of this should be winning very quickly.

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