Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals the exercise he can’t live without

mens health clean and press arnie
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He didn’t have biceps before, though At the age of 75, Arnold Schwarzenegger still takes his training seriously like any of his 4 million Instagram followers, 5.9 million on TikTok or more than 400 thousand subscribers to his workout newsletter.

And training for health and longevity as well as muscle maintenance. But if anyone knows which gym moves work, it’s him.

In our cover interview for the July issue of Men’s Health, Schwarzenegger reveals his all-time favorite exercise: “When you clean with a barbell press, it covers everything.”

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It’s not a typical bodybuilder move, but it’s worth mastering. Combining a “pull” movement and a “push” movement, the clean and press will help you increase strength and size in your arms, abs, shoulders, back and legs.. It’s also challenging enough to get your heart pumping, increasing your cardiovascular fitness, while improving strength-type workouts.

You can perform the movement with a barbell, dumbbell, or weights. Start with a light weight and add more kilos gradually.

Mens Health Clean And Press Arnie

How to clean and press with a barbell

Stand with a barbell with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Keeping your back straight and shoulders back, bend down to grab the bar with a strong grip and arms straight.

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Unycos 15kg weight set with barbell and storage case

15Kg Weight Set With Bar And Storage Case

Unycos 15kg weight set with barbell and storage case

In one quick movement, pull the bar while standing, keeping it close to your body; As the bar passes through your knees, shrug your shoulders and pull the bar up, dropping under it.. Hold the bar at your shoulders with high elbows and squat.

Push through your heels and raise your arms to press the bar overhead, locking your arms overhead.

Lower it securely to your shoulders and let it fall to the floor while keeping the back straight the entire time.

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