Arrives in Colombia with the highest marks in design, technology, and performance

arrives in Colombia with the highest marks in design, technology and performance

The Chinese manufacturer BYD is considered the colossus that needs to be beaten in the new energy vehicle segment (hybrid and electric). to consolidate itself as the world’s largest manufacturer of such products: In the first half of the year, BYD sold 1,255,600 new energy vehicles, representing a remarkable year-on-year growth of 94.25%.

This is thanks to the advantages of vehicles like this new Seal EV sedan that the Chinese brand impresses with its offer among the largest global brands and does so in Colombia, where it is increasingly expanding its offer under the direction of Motorysa, its exclusive representative at the national level.

It is worth noting here that the arrival of new electric vehicles in Colombia is becoming increasingly common. In fact, it is estimated that this was the case last August The fleet of electric vehicles in the country exceeds 10,000 units, an important milestone for sustainable mobility that reflects the importance that this segment is increasingly assuming in the dynamics of modern mobility.

BYD Seal EV 2024: Design

Arrives In Colombia With The Highest Marks In Design, Technology, And Performance

The most attentive readers will notice that we recently saw the name “Sail” in a note from Autocosmos as part of one of the manufacturer’s product launches at the IAA Mobility, which is taking place these days in Munich (Germany); it was presented as the Seal U family vvan butif Well, this vehicle has a name and lines that bring it visually closer to the model that just landed in the country. There are a generation of differences that separate them since the new sedan is a member of the Ocean family while its SUV brother is much closer to that in terms of platform, the Song Plus DM-iHybrid, which is also offered in our country.

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Concepts such as sportiness, performance, and aerodynamics shape the design of the Seal, whose inspiration comes from the concept of “marine aesthetics,” which represents the essence of the brand’s aforementioned Ocean family.

The Seal is a big sedan Fastback, whose lines mimic the movement of the sea and in which the grill is no longer the protagonist. This role has been taken over by its particular front lighting concept, with floating “U”-shaped lights and DRL units that offer a sinuous linear pattern that integrates into a black decorative panel.

Although strong stress lines mark the hood and sides, the result is a Flowing and elegant bodywork with short overhangs where the excellent aerodynamic work stands out, giving it a coefficient of just 0.219 Cd. Throughout the exterior, including the cabin, there are details reminiscent of water and marine elements. The outstanding exterior features also include:

    • (Concealed) door handles integrated into the body color
    • Pneumatic hood opening
    • 19” two-tone aluminum alloy wheels
    • Panorama roof (Skyline) with EV filter
    • Active grill
    • Dimensions
    • Size: 4,800mm
    • Diameter: 1.875mm
    • Old: 1,460 mm
    • Wheelbase: 2,820 mm

BYD Seal EV 2024: Interior and Equipment

Arrives In Colombia With The Highest Marks In Design, Technology, And Performance

The interior of this sedan shows the level of sophistication, workmanship, and well-being on board that BYD has achieved. The first thing to say is that this model (unlike the Seal U) is designed on the brand’s advanced 3.0 platform, which makes this possible because we’ve made great advances, such as cell-to-body technology (CTB). This means that the familiar Blade battery that powers this model’s engines is a structural part of the chassis interior, not only improving safety, stability, and torsional strength but also providing a larger and more comfortable cabin.

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The interior looks very spacious and very tidy, with some refinements on board and some details reminiscent of the sea world. The brand speaks of a technological cabin for the introduction of a 4G connection system highlighting the huge and rotating 15.6-inch infotainment screen with voice control function and includes the Android Auto 10 operating system.

Another charming detail is the crystal shift control that crowns the center console and is surrounded by various controls that control the driving modes, climate control, and auto hold, among other things. The equipment on board also includes:

    • 10.2” LCD instrument panel
    • Multifunction leather steering wheel
    • Two wireless chargers for cell phones
    • rearview camera with panoramic image
    • Leather upholstery
    • Heated and ventilated seats; front seats with integrated headrests
    • Driver’s seat eight-way electrically adjustable (passenger seat six-way)
    • Automatic dual air conditioning
    • Air purification system
    • Head-Up Display
    • rain sensor
    • Light sensor
    • Electrically operated exterior mirrors, foldable and with window heating
    • Dynaudio audio system with 12 speakers

BYD Seal EV 2024: Motorization and safety

Arrives In Colombia With The Highest Marks In Design, Technology, And Performance

The Seal’s drivetrain consists of engines; the strongest is on the axis rear (synchronous) and has 230 kW (308 HP) and 360 Meanwhile, at the front (asynchronous), it produces 160 kW (214 hp) and 310 Nm of torque. Overall, the system delivers 522 hp and feeds on a Blade battery, which has a capacity of 82.6 kWh and an energy consumption of up to 18.2 kWh per 100 kilometers. With these specifications, the Seal accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and offers a range of 520 kilometers on the WLTC cycle.

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Powertrain management offers four driving modes, and among its refinements stands out an Intelligent Torque Adjustment Control System (iTAC), which proactively favors driving dynamics by reducing or transferring torque as needed without the need for braking or stability control. This results in optimized delivery, better performance, greater safety, and greater driving comfort.

As for the arsenal of safety features, the Sail sedan has the following many arguments that are even superior to those of some models in this segment: First of all, it has ventilated and perforated brakes with four-piston fixed calipers in the best style of a pure sports car.

In addition to ABS and EBD brakes, eight airbags, a tire pressure monitoring system, electronic stability control, an integrated power brake, traction control, a hill start assistant, vehicle dynamics control, auto hold, and an intelligent navigation system In addition, it has a generous driving assistance package, including:

    • Adaptive cruise control (ACC)
    • Lane Departure Warning
    • Traffic Jam Assistance (TJA)
    • Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
    • Automatic emergency braking (AEB)
    • Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RTCA and RTCB)
    • Zone or Blind Spot Monitoring (BSW)
    • Lane-change collision warning
    • Rear Collision Warning (RCW)

Arrives In Colombia With The Highest Marks In Design, Technology, And Performance

The BYD Seal is available nationwide in six body colors and a single version priced at $250,000,000.