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Artichokes: ideal for a more effective and tastier diet

is famous for detox propertiesBut this vegetable whose flower we eat gives us profit margin very broad. If we add its distinctive flavor the versatility it brings to the kitchenwe get one element of ten, Its origins are found in ancient Greece: Zeus fell in love with Cynara, a maiden whom he took to Olympus. One day, on being wanted by her relatives, she ran away. Zeus got angry and turned her into an artichoke. Actually the scientific name of this plant is Cynara. In Spain it came from the hands of the Arabs, hence its name.

Nutritional Properties of Artichokes

artichoke it is rich in fiber and some important minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium, as well as a source of group B vitamins. But the big secret of this vegetable is cynarin. it is a substance Helps cleanse and detoxify Thanks to its power to stimulate bile secretion, that is, it favors the elimination of various toxins, including fluids and fats with them. This is one of the reasons artichokes are always associated with detox diets and are in high demand this time of year. excess of past holidays They come to light in different parts of the body.

Artichoke / Photo: Pexels

Artichoke and its benefits

other than known cleaning effectThere are many other health benefits of artichokes. Perhaps less well known, but very important is its effect on cholesterol. Yes, consumption of artichoke helps prevent cholesterol from getting deposited on the walls of the arteries. All people suffering from gout will also get its benefit Properties of this delicious vegetable, its diuretic power Helps eliminate uric acid, causes this painful disease. It is also a wild card for diabetics, as it is a insulin-rich hypoglycemic foodsA carbohydrate that is easy to assimilate without causing spikes in blood sugar.

How to cook artichokes?

artichoke is a very versatile food in the kitchen And, contrary to what might be believed, many Preparation is simple and fastAlthough they also have this refined point allows us to prepare large dishes in special occasions. The premise for having hearts is always to peel them well. Although it is convenient to know that the whole artichoke is edible, it should be mentioned that the outer leaves are very fibrous and can be very unpleasant to taste. Boiled only in water and salt, we already have the basis of a stew or side dish that can accompany fish or meat equally well. If these boiled hearts are grilled or fried with a few cubes of ham We have a light, tasty and nutritious dinner,

recipes with artichokes

Delicious dishes with artichokes

best known peeled artichokes, His name alone gives us some indication of his preparation. Once peeled, all you have to do is place them on a baking tray and crush them to open them. A little salt and olive oil and it’s ready to eat. artichoke they go great with rice, You just need to add them to the usual sauce and follow the traditional recipe. next to tender beans and molasses you get a Tasty and healthy vegetable paella,

for more elaborate recipes with a touch of celebration boiled artichokes You can add very light green sauce (part of the cooking broth can be used), some clams or some langoustines, The result is great. Finally, if you are looking to enhance this diuretic effect that helps us eliminate toxins and heal our figure, the best idea is to combine it with other detox “friends”. , As Green Asparagus and Onions, Roasting with these ingredients is delicious and with a glass of white wine you’ll get that they are more juicy Without adding fat and calories.

Artichoke and Rabbit Paella / Photo: Pixabay

advice so they don’t darken

artichoke they are a winter vegetable, The special thing is that they have two flowers. The first takes place between the months of November and February, and the second just before spring begins. When picking them at the fruit store, their weight can tell us about their condition. they have to be heavy and strongwhy keep it round,

Possible brown spots on its outer leaves may be due to frost, so if the rest are firm and the leaves are holding their condition, they should not be ruled out. many times, peel the artichokes This is one of the reasons why they stop eating. You can always bet on the frozen or canned versions, as their properties remain almost intact. Finally, once cooked, so that they don’t turn blackyou can do it sprinkle with a little lemon Or put them in a water bath with parsley to prevent them from gaining flavor.

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