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Artificial Intelligence Expert Explains Whether ‘Megan’ Killer Doll Could Be Real

Roman Yampolsky, a professor and researcher at the University of Louisville’s Speed ​​School of Engineering and an expert in AI safety and security studies, reviews some of the themes developed in the new James Wan film.

M3GANThe best friend of an 8-year-old lonely and orphaned girl (Violet McGraw), is very popular with the audience. Even then, Artificial intelligence doll’s behavior is weird enough to be a dangerous killing machineAnd all thanks to the imagination of its creator, James Wan (author of the successful franchise of Saw: Tandav Games why mantra,

in interview for hollywood reporteractress allison williams Revealed her process to play Gemma, the creator and designer of the robotic doll in the film. To lend credibility to the character, he spoke to robotics experts, engineers, and experts in the field of artificial intelligence to capture Gemma.

First I asked what it’s like to be a woman in a field where there are so many men. I wanted to know what to wear and how to dress. do you do makeup

Later also according to the statement of the actress ¡Hue!A more contemplative phase of the investigation ensued: “From the tiniest of questions to the very deep: Why did you get into this field? What inspired you? Did you have role models? It was great.”

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M3GAN far from the first film to feature A Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence System That Reveals Its Own Consciousness2001: A Space Odyssey and Ex Machina are good examples.

Beyond Stanley Kubrick’s speculations or Alex Garland’s intentions, Journalist Katie Way asked if there could be a doll like the M3GAN In the not too distant future. And to answer, he interviewed Roman Yampolsky, an associate professor at the University of Louisville’s Speed ​​School of Engineering.

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one of the first reflections saved from the interview published in Vice so bridging the gap between science fiction and reality with the remarkable work of Akela Cooper (also screenwriter of fatal,: “Science fiction writers are usually the first to realize where we are going. Science fiction precedes science. Inventions such as the Internet, television, submarines were described long before we built them.”

Yampolsky continues: “I think we have all the ingredients for it, we just haven’t put it together. We have robotic bodies, humanoid bodies. Boston Dynamics does a great job developing those systems; They are very flexible, they can jump, they can dance. And then we have brains: systems like ChatGPT can certainly talk to you, answer questions.”

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Despite the fact that the M3GAN is not yet a reality, for an expert in AI security and security studies, the film’s approach is not unreasonable. From Gerard Johnstone: “I don’t think there’s a single cyber-physical system that combines all those capabilities into one. That’s the kind of prediction they’re making in the movie. But it looks like the Tesla robot is going to do something.” become.” If they succeed in their development”.

In relation to the emotional capacity of technical equipmenta topic that has been taken up in cinema in films such as blade runner 2049 by Denis Villeneuve and His Of Spike Jonze, Yampolsky noted, “Certainly it doesn’t have human emotions in the traditional sense. But there are reasons based on rationality. Jealousy has to do with resource allocation: I don’t want someone else’s resources devoted to me.” It is very logical that any system trying to optimize for rewards would develop such impulses.

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Wan had already guessed that an influence of M3GAn comes from terminatorDirected by James Cameron. What does Yampolsky think about the idea of ​​a killing machine? “It depends on how the robot is programmed. If it is programmed to destroy any danger to the human you are trying to protect, it would make sense to kill it. If you want to continue protecting the child, you need to make sure they don’t destroy it, don’t cut it, don’t imprison it”.

As we see the distance between science fiction and science is getting shorter and faster, We can review the other influences behind the M3GAN, speculate on the possibility of a sequel, or imagine whether this doll’s technological prowess could exceed its explosiveness in battle. chucky supernatural qualities of annabelle,

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