Artificial Intelligence may show “signs of life” in 2030, according to famous expert

Richard Sutton, John Carmack and Cam Linke

Generative AI has been the protagonist of the great technological revolution of recent years, but what is coming will be even more amazing: self-aware Artificial Intelligence. John Carmack, the legendary developer of DOOM, gave it a specific time: the year 2030.

John Carmack He gave his opinion on what is also called Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) during the launch of his startup, Keen Technologies. This company will focus on AGI.

And yes, we must be prepared.

“While no one has a vision for AGI, we believe that there is not much that can be done. “There are fundamental research questions that need to be answered, and we have internal projects and angles of attack,” said Carmack.

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“Six, seven, eight years away from something so big and important that the public can see,” emphasized the developer.

Keen Technologies is led by John Carmack and Richard Sutton, who they call the “godfather of reinforcement learning.”

Sutton, chief scientific advisor of the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, believes that by 2030 “a prototype of Artificial Intelligence may show signs of life.”

Carmack explores the subject, believing that our only proven model of how consciousness works, the human brain, shows that intelligence is more complex.

“The important thing is how an AI can digest its experience of seeing the world and how it can predict things in the future, in addition to how it must have motivations imposed internally and externally, ” said the head of Keen Technologies, quoted by The Register.

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Good language models do not talk about how our brain works: this is what the startup founded by John Carmack and Richard Sutton, who got $ 20 million in the first round of financing.

Investors such as Nat Friedman (formerly GitHub), Daniel Gross (Cue), Patrick Collison (Stripe) and Tobi Lütke (Shopify) bet on the company of John Carmack and Richard Sutton.