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Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning: main differences

We explain the differences between these two concepts: Artificial Intelligence vs. Apparatus Learning.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that wants to change the current landscape.

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You are probably familiar with both the concept of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. But it is not always easy to know what the differences between the two terms are. We are going to say what these concepts are and what they are, what their characteristics are, and what the differences between them are.

We will try to develop these ideas into simpler things. The goal is to help you understand both concepts well, but without the technology going into the complex. This way you will learn the differences between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning even if you have not advanced knowledge.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, also known by the acronym AI, is a concept that proposes that a machine can emulate human thinking and apply it in different fields.

Therefore, when we talk about Artificial Intelligence, we are not really referring to any specific task, but rather to a technology approach in which a computer system performs tasks that were previously exclusive to humans. These range from written conversations, gestures or speech.

How is artificial intelligence applied today?

Artificial Intelligence Vs. Machine Learning: Main Differences

Vates is Google’s artificial intelligence to compete with ChatGPT. Image: Google

With this in mind, we can’t talk about AI types, but about different application approaches. Here are some examples of what we can consider Artificial Intelligence;

  • robots With a human or animal-like body, they act through a series of mechanical movements. Robots are usually controlled by a computer that takes care of controlling the entire body.
  • chatbots It is a reason that is capable of reasoning in a certain way like a human being. Because of this, it enables you to have a conversation with a person, like a WhatsApp chat. A notable example of this type of AI is ChatGPT, which performs many human tasks.
  • Edit photo. There is another field in which artificial intelligence has gained popularity. In the process that the captive phones make, Artificial Intelligence is used that identifies scenes, changes certain parameters and even enhances photographs with digital zoom.
  • The identity of the people. AI-based facial recognition has greater reliability.
  • ministering by voice Another technology that feeds into artificial intelligence is voice assistants. Many of them install advanced systems that better understand users and resolve requests more accurately.
  • Home appliances. Some manufacturers are adopting the technology that Artificial Intelligence offers and improving their products for the home. For example, thanks to advanced AI systems, the robot vacuum cleaner is more efficient, cleaning only the areas that it did not pass before.
  • These are just a few examples of how AI has or will have a significant impact on our daily lives through technological products. It can be applied to pure software solutions or to better control hardware.

    What is Machine Learning?

    Machine Learning refers to Artificial Intelligence. But in reality only one of the instruments gave the latter “life”. The phrase Machine Learning, which is in English, means that machines learn. However, we usually use a more appropriate term in Spanish: automatic learning. And this denomination is very significant. What?

    Artificial Intelligence Vs. Machine Learning: Main Differences

    A recommendation system like Netflix’s is based on Machine Learning, as it gets better as it learns from the user himself.

    Because Machine Learning is about giving machines the ability to learn without human intervention. The point is that although a learning system requires initial programming, it is later capable of recognizing patterns and acquiring new knowledge.

    Being part of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is already being applied today in aspects of our lives that are very similar to those we mentioned above. In fact, AI needs an automated learning system to be able to improve and learn from the user without the need for software to monitor their actions all the time.

    Differences between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    There are no differences between Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning in the strict sense, as both concepts are simply related. The truth is that machine learning is necessary for more efficient AIs. Thus, intelligent systems can improve without having to program new pieces of code.

    Of course, despite the fact that Machine Learning is a way to improve Artificial Intelligence, it is clear that it does not refer to the same thing. Therefore, we can use some parameters to find differences.


    The way to describe AI and Machine Learning are not the same. The first concept distinguishes between narrow, general or super-intelligence artificial intelligence. Where you place each AI depends on the tasks it is capable of performing.

    On the other hand, Apparatus Learning is classified into the following categories;

  • they were in charge of teaching
  • Semi-superior teaching
  • the teaching of the unseen
  • supplementary teaching
  • In this case, each type of study depends on the available data and the tasks to be performed.


    The purpose of AI and machine learning is not the same either.

    The main objective of artificial intelligence is to transfer cognitive abilities from humans to machines.

    Unlike AI, Machine Learning pursues a very different goal, namely using data to identify patterns or trends that allow machines to acquire new skills without human intervention.


    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Levant M213 - Detached

    Robot vacuum cleaners use AI and Machine Learning to improve the efficiency of their vacuuming sessions

    Although Machine Learning can help make AI systems more efficient, both concepts can be applied separately. The technological fields in which these denominations appear are almost identical. But there is a very different way of applying it.

    For example: Artificial Intelligence is more capable of covering more tasks and is emerging to implement systems that solve all kinds of problems. Machine Learning applied to more specific tasks, such as search results, movie recommendations on a streaming platform, or the like.


    AI and machine learning experts do not have the same knowledge. There are free courses in artificial intelligence that will help you get started. What is needed are skills in algorithms, robotics or programming.

    Unlike this, Machine Learning is more specific, related skills, such as mathematics, data evaluation, or probability and variables.

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