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Thursday, April 15, 2021

As soon as UP arrives, the accounts of Bahubali Mukhtar Ansari’s crimes begin, Yogi government will cancel the assembly membership

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The convoy of Purvanchal don and MLA Mukhtar Ansari reached Banda jail on Wednesday (April 7, 2021) at around 4.30 am amid tight security. Upon Mukhtar Ansari’s arrival in Uttar Pradesh Screws start It is done. The action of Yogi Sarkar Mukhtar Ansari to abolish the membership of the Legislative Assembly may also begin soon.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Suresh Khanna has made a big statement on this matter. He has said that a legal opinion will be taken to end Mukhtar Ansari’s assembly membership. Please tell that even after not being involved in the proceedings of the House continuously for several days cancel membership There is a rule to do.

The rule is that if an assembly member is absent for 60 days before joining the proceedings of the assembly, then under Article 190, his membership can be terminated. Apart from this article 190, the UP government will form the basis for termination of membership in criminal cases registered against Mukhtar.

When asked about this, the Speaker of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Hriday Narayan Dixit said, “If a member is absent for 60 consecutive days, the honorable house can take action against him. If a petition comes from the Bharatiya Janata Party in this matter, then it will be decided. Mukhtar Ansari has been absent in the proceedings of the House for more than 60 days. ”

Mukhtar Ansari is now UP Shift in Banda Jail has been carried out. The Uttar Pradesh police reached Banda jail at around 4.30 am today after traveling about 900 km from Ropar jail in Punjab. As soon as he reached the jail, Mukhtar’s medical test was done. It has been reported from sources that Mukhtar Ansari himself went inside the barrack after reaching the jail. Till now he was only seen on the wheel chair.

Meanwhile, Minister in the Yogi government Anil Rajbhar has made a big statement about Mukhtar. He said, “Those who used to make fun of the law. He has returned to Uttar Pradesh. Whoever has done it will be filled. This is Yogi ji’s government. Recently, in SP government, people used to take the facility of Five Star Hotel in jail. ”

When Mukhtar Ansari’s family was not allowed to meet him, Anil Rajbhar said that his safety and that he does not have corona are also being taken care of. The jail administration has also issued the protocol, they are also following it. Government and court protocols are also being followed.

On bringing Mukhtar to Banda Jail in UP, Jail Minister Jai Kumar Singh in the Yogi government said that goons, mafia and criminals have been fearful ever since Yogi Adityanath government has come. They feel that UP is not safe for us. It is important to be afraid of criminals. The government came with a resolve to establish a fear-free society.

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