At a 2022 price and with the ECO label, it’s a smart buy among crossovers

Renault Captur E Tech 2021 19

Fortunately, it seems that the price inflation affecting the automobile sector is subsiding. At least as far as starting prices are concerned. And the thing is, after several offers of cars like the Citroën C4, which have significantly reduced their price for the summer, it’s time to analyze this offer One of the most interesting hybrid crossovers from the market. Its price has been reduced to 2022 levels DGT ECO Label It’s very well crafted and looks like one of Toyota Yaris Cross’s worst nightmares.

Renault Captur e-Tec Hybrid, at a price of just over 24,500 euros

the car in question is Renault Captur E-Tech Hybrid, This is the full-hybrid version of the Renault Captur, which is currently one of the most interesting hybrid crossovers in the B segment along with the Toyota Yaris Cross. The mechanics of the hybrid Renault Captur include a 1.6-liter thermal engine and 94 CV with two electric motors of 49 CV and 20 CV. The most powerful drives the wheels of the car, while 20 hp is responsible for adjusting engine revolutions to the four existing gear ratios in a gearbox without clutch or synchronizer.

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Renault Captur E Tech 2021 19

Renault also offers a plug-in version of this Captur e-tec, which has 160 hp of power and a range of 49 km.

Photos of Renault Captur

It sounds complicated, but the reality is that this hybrid car drives very naturally and feels very similar to any automatic car. Its combined power is 145 CV and its approved consumption is very contained, with a Claimed WLTP consumption of only 4.7 l/100 km, With a 0 to 100 km/h time of 10.6 seconds, it’s a more than adequate performance car in all kinds of terrain, although as a good hybrid car, it shines in consumption, refinement and sound in urban environments, where It gets broadcast. In 100% electric mode up to 80% of the time.

For the rest, the Renault Captur stands out for a very well-built cabin, perfect rear seats sliding stool and a Trunk that can hold up to 379 liters If we steal some space from the passengers. The rear seats, if we want dimensions, leave the trunk at only 265 liters, as the hybrid system’s 1.2 kWh battery is located beneath it. This is one of the few weaknesses of this car. The variant offered by the French brand is development version of access to the extent

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Renault Captur E Tech 2021 51

The driving experience of the car is nice and balanced, without being dynamic or boring.

This version has more than perfect tools for day to day. We have assist like cruise control, lane departure warning or automatic emergency braking, rear parking sensors, automatic climate control or 7-inch screen for infotainment system, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Yes, we will miss the alloy wheels or the large format digital instrumentation. However, even though this is an “Access” version, we have full standard endowment.

What does the fine print of the offer say?

The Renault Captur e-Tech Hybrid offer is for individuals, and is valid till July 31 only. The price of the car is 24,545 Euro This is the lowest price of any Renault Captur Hybrid on sale so far this year. To reach this price, we have to resort to 3 year multiple financing options with mileage range of 20,000 km/yr, In the Renault example, for a monthly installment of 159 euros, we would have to provide an entry of 5,821 euros, with a final installment of 18,853 euros.

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Renault Captur E Tech 2021 25

The monthly fee and down payment are nominal, but the final fee is very high

With a relatively high APR of 10.79%, the total cost in installments is 31,017 euros. If we were to return the car to the brand at the end of three years, assuming we drove it for no more than 60,000 km in total, The monthly cost of the “enjoyment” of the vehicle will be 320.69 euros., In this example, by the way, the annual maintenance of the vehicle is financed, the total cost of which is 547 euros.

Hybrid Renault Captur Alternatives To Consider

In the urban crossover segment, the Renault Captur’s main rival is the Toyota Yaris Cross, which currently starts at €24,250. The Toyota Yaris Cross has comparable consumption and performance, though it stands out for a somewhat larger trunk. Nor can we forget the hybrid version of the FIAT 500X, unknown, with a power of 130 hp, and on offer with a very competitive price of 21,150 euros.


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