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At a meeting called to institutionalize CELAC, the president called for an “end of the blockade” against Cuba and Venezuela.

He admired the Mexican Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorasked to win Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in Brazil and congratulated Chile Gabriel Boric and colombian Gustav Petro. but the president Alberto Fernández gave the note of the day in the CCK by defending Cuba and Venezuela to the victims in accordance with his vision of a “blockade” by the United States.,

“We want the blockade on this continent to end, we have two countries blocked and this is unforgivable”Fernandez said at the conclusion of the symposium “Unity in Diversity” organized by CELAC, which Argentina presides from January to the end of the year. The President emphasized the impossibility of exporting Cuba’s vaccines, and went ahead with Nicolas Maduro, who conducted rigorous interrogation a few days before him for the “hijacking” of the Emtrasure plane held in Eziza for more than two months. ,I hope the blockade against Venezuela ends soon and the people of Venezuela will live in a democracy”, added the president, in an apparent reference to the United States. The interesting thing is that it happened on the same day that the Minister of Economy, serge massaIn the meeting of the Council of America at the Alwar Hotel, hinted at the relationship with Washington.

In his speech, Fernández justified the search for institutional strengthening of CELAC armed with his Mexican counterpart. “With Andres Manuel we think that OAS no longer represents usand that the IDB is no longer the Bank of Latin America,” he said. He defined.

The president’s words came a day in which, without audible criticism, the government and foreign ministry celebrated Argentina’s proposal of 32 CELAC member states to “institutionalise” the community of nations that the president leads today and Which makes up, among others, countries targeted by Washington such as Venezuela, Nicaragua or Cuba.

In the early afternoon, delegates attended a “United in Diversity” symposium in the CCK’s overcrowded Argentinean room. And almost all of them were appreciative, except for the words of the former President of Uruguay. Jose Pepe MujicaFor whom the institutionalization of CELAC is “a very long road”, as well as the idea of ​​strengthening the distinctive power of the region.

,There’s no integration around the corner“, the former President of Uruguay began, and explained that”We can’t give what we don’t have, and people on the streets don’t talk about integrationMujika, who had lunch with the president in the afternoon, said that “it’s a long fight, and all parties have to go down and talk to the people about the issue, because As we are, we ain’t no mean in the world concert“They listened to him, don’t know whether they applauded or not, Chancellor santiago caffeiro, former president of colombia Ernest Samper, Mexican Senator Beatrice Wallsand director of the Organization of the Caribbean Countries, Didacus Jules, I already cut off communication Celso Amorim, Former Brazilian foreign minister who already brought congratulations from the candidate for his return to the presidency, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva,

Alberto Fernandez Meets With Former President Rodriguez Zapatero, Mujica, Cerezo And Samper
Alberto Fernandez meets with former President Rodriguez Zapatero, Mujica, Cerezo and Samperpresidency

Less talkative than other days, and somewhat tired, Mujika also called for “be open. Institutions must be built, yes, but remember that governments are short-lived.” He continued to surprise the audience by saying that “it is not a question of right or left, but of being or not being.” And he was referring to the feud at Mercosur, when he said that “the greatest profitability[of outsiders]is when we fight among ourselves to see who pulls their pants down the most when looking for investments.” Is.” He liked Samper’s jokes little and nothing more, when he began speaking he said that “there are two popes in the continent, one from the center which is Francisco, and the other from the left is Pepe Mujica.” The former president, who announced for the closing panel, excused himself for health reasons and left a brief greeting in a video.

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His critical speech was contrary to the words of the Chancellor coffeewhich praised the “zones of peace” that the continent “knew to build”, and praised that “countries of different political signs” are represented in the CELAC, which Argentina has presided over since January with its 32 members (Brazil). With a unanimous vote. out of government’s decision Jair Bolsonaro) Meanwhile, Amorim said that “CELAC’s business for peace can contribute to cooperation” and attempted to balance it by saying that “some things can be done with MERCOSUR, others with CELAC”. A little later, Paredes sought to go deeper with integration, which “affects yes or yes interests” and welcomed the initiative to create a fund for climate disasters.

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“It seems to me that Pepe, whom I always listen to very carefully, has a lot to do with Uruguay and intends to agree with China outside Mercosur,” the deputy told this newspaper. eduardo valdesClose to the President, in a corridor of CCK.

In the morning, the national coordinators of CELAC met under the coordination of the Argentine representative, Gustavo Martinez Pandiani, On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he stressed that the meeting was “successful” and that it was agreed to “move into the institutionalization” of CELAC, where decisions are made (or not) with the support of all its members today. rest of the delegation (Country Tried to get the opinion of five of them, without any response) They preferred not to give details and agreed that no one raised their voice in claims of the aircraft held at Eziza for more than two months, There were 19 Iranian and Venezuelan crew. A hotel court ruling in Buenos Aires is pending.

01-08-2022 Institutional Photo Of The Celac Meeting In Buenos Aires.  Colombia Has Questioned The Work Of The Community Of Latin American And Caribbean States (Celac) At The Fourteenth Summit That Brings Together Its Members This Friday In Buenos Aires, Argentina, And Demanded That There Stop Being &Quot;Opportunistic Silence&Quot; Against Human Rights In Latin America And The Caribbean.  Policy Photos Provided By The Mexican And Argentine Governments
01-08-2022 Institutional photo of the CELAC meeting in Buenos Aires Colombia questions the work of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) at the Fourteenth Summit that brings together its members this Friday in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has demanded that the “opportunistic silence” regarding human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean end. Policy photos provided by the Mexican and Argentine governments

Among the national coordinators who arrived in Buenos Aires were rander penadeputy minister of government Nicolas Maduro, Two days earlier, Venezuela’s youth representative made a strong post demanding the return of the plane, as claimed by Chavismo’s frontline. “The Boeing 747 aircraft owned by Emtrasure, hijacked by Argentine judicial authorities, has served to provide humanitarian aid to those who need it, which makes the US bitter and prompts the Argentine prosecutor and judge to illegally deem the plane. orders to confiscate from”. Text published on social networks. Today Pena was received by the Vice Chancellor Pablo Tetmanti And they were all smiling looking at the pictures posted on their Twitter social network account. “In the framework of the XXXV meeting of the National Coordinators of CELAC to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we had an executive meeting with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Argentina. Pablo TetmantiWith whom we review all issues of interest to our countries,” Pena wrote.

Those who came were two people with Caribbean accents who handed a pamphlet to CCK’s door. “Plane Hijacking Is Part Of One” Geopolitical stakes to divide Latin American continentThe pamphlet reads, without a sign and with the “return plane” logo, which the Maduro government has used for weeks to express its anger, hinting against the CELAC. , which indicates Argentine justice and leaving the United States and the government “safe”.

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