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At ground zero after 6 days of fighting

This week he has become a hero on land and in the air. Aerial means are necessary to stop fire like fire AtekaBut if the ground crew would bring it to the periphery and shut it down completely it would be impossible. They have fought tirelessly against the tongue of fire for six days Standing temperatures are much higher than 40 degrees – the effects of the flames add to the heat wave – with the team at their backs, ground brigades and at times going up and down steep slopes. they say They can lose three or four kilos, and they get to drink several liters of water. That they take with them or that they keep in the coolest place, if any, they can find.

This Saturday’s “Significant Point” fireas you call it Jose Maria Ruiz, Nature Conservation Agent (APN) of the Aragonese government He was in Embide de Ariza sector. Two land crews worked here yesterday, R67 Valles del Manubles and R74 Valle de Ribota with their fire trucks. Each is made up of five brigade members (with four of them as they are no strangers to COVID) and one APN in charge. Breeding took place in this sector from Friday to Saturday night. In the early afternoon, when the sun was hitting hardest, they had to rush to suffocate a possible regrowth, something that was within their forecast, although the fire is already believed to be stable. They arrived at 7:00 and were waiting for relief after a 12-hour shift. After these six days of experience, Ruiz believes that even the so-called sixth generation of fire has reached the community.Too fierce, destructive and uncontrollable, with separate simultaneous foci and a very high potential for destruction that devastates hectares and hectares in their path.

“The way to avoid a big fire like this is to minimize the risk of starting”

Jose maria ruiz, in the embiid area of ​​arizona.

Jose Maria Ruiz, in the Embiid area of ​​Arizona.
Guillermo Mestre

DGA. The Nature Conservation Agent (APN) of Jose Maria Ruiz,, fought against the flames as a brigade member in the 2015 summer fire in Luna. Now he has to lead one of the land crew, the R67 Valle del Manubles. Monday afternoon he was at the starting point of the fireTuesday through Wednesday morning saw how the N-II was cut and the big tongue of fire on the A-2 compared to their “With the terrible wildfires happening in California and we didn’t live here until now”.

“All the resources of the world could not stop what happened on Tuesday night.was out of extinguishing capacity,” he says. If specific training is needed. And although he does not get wet about whether the administration should ban certain tasks amid the heat wave, He added that “the way to avoid a large fire like this is to minimize the risk of starting”.

In his opinion, the Aragonese operation is “well distributed in the region” and is one of its strengths. This adds to the APN Association’s criticism for the age of the vehicle fleet.

These days I couldn’t help but take a look at my mobile “because my wife’s grandmother and aunt were in Cetina and could be taken out”. Now that everything is calm, sorry for the loss of a mountain in which they have left “many days of work”There are 60-year-old colleagues who have been working to improve this area since the age of 20.

“The company will have to answer for the damages and regulate certain activities”

Claudio herreros with some colleagues from the outpost.

Claudio Herreros with some colleagues from the outpost.
Guillermo Mestre

Claudio Herreros, a member of the brigade for three years, had to go to the Bubierca farm last Monday afternoon where the fire broke out. The change in wind direction gave him “a good scare” that first night when the flames began to spread rapidly and he had to be left there “by feet”. Then what he could not even imagine was that his stubbornness would compel himTuesday morning, to look for his 69-year-old mother For his city, Moros, as flames began to engulf it and neighbors had to evacuate. ,The civil guard told me to go inside and take as many people as possible in the car. The helmet was already a cloud of smoke,” he recalls.

He fights on the front lines of the hell he has gone through and is another affected man who has lost the cherry field, “But I’m young, I’ll go ahead and plant them again”, he proposes. but make sure There will be farmers of a certain age who will have to give up their work in the fields “Because if trees are lost, it takes at least five years for new trees to become productive again.” The tourist potential of the Manubles Valley, based largely on landscape and mycological routes, led to the belief that it would also be “very damaged”.

It demands that the company that caused this “disaster” respond for the damages. Whether or not certain activities need to be regulated, he is clear: “harvest should be Because you can’t leave the grain in the field, But, in the event of extreme heat, it is necessary to regulate or restrict activities that can be postponed,

“The fire on the road from Ateca to Moros was reminiscent of the fire in Australia”

Firefighter Daniel Aparicio of Zaragoza Provincial Council (DPZ), for 11 years Was in the urban area of ​​Moroso this saturday Cooling and suffocating fire sources visible in uninhabited homes engulfed by flames in the lower part of the city. A bleak image as a result of that “tremendous” Tuesday night In which the fire could not be controlled. “The flames on the highway from Ateca to Moros, above and on both sides, They reminded me of images of bushfires ravaging Australia In the 2019 and 2020 seasons”, assures this professional. “We all feared it was going to reach the city as there was no way to control it and the wind was constantly changing. I think it was done with the best and with all possible soldiers.“, he indicates.

Although they have worked in the extinction of industrial accidents “also complex due to the presence of chemical and hazardous substances”, It believes that it is “the greatest magnitude and virility it has encountered”. in his career.

with another ally, with an urban firetruck, He stayed in Moros from 8:00 to 17:00. When he saw some smoke coming out of the burnt straw, the neighbors came to him. “There’s still fear in their bodies, it’s so understandable,” he says. ,These days I see constant signs of gratitude From a lot of people, you always get something but not on such a large scale,” he concluded.

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