At NATO, Ukraine insists it will “not surrender” to Russia

At NATO, Ukraine insists it will

Ukraine “will not give in”, for itself and for the security of the entire Atlantic Alliance, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told NATO on Wednesday.

“We must continue to fight, Ukraine will not give in,” he told the press at the Alliance headquarters in Brussels before a meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Council.

“Our strategic objective”, a Ukraine within its 1991 borders, including Crimea annexed by Moscow in 2014, “remains unchanged”, he added.

Not only the security of Ukraine is at risk, but also “the security of the entire Euro-Atlantic region”, he emphasized.

Dmytro Kuleba also recalled that Ukraine did not ask for commitment from Americans or Europeans on the battlefield, but for their help in defeating Russia.

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“Our deal is very simple, you give us what we need, and we continue to fight. We are not asking you to sacrifice your life,” he said.

Ukraine is demanding more weapons and ammunition to win on a battlefield where the front lines have been virtually stationary for weeks.

But more aid from the United States has been blocked by the American Congress, due to the reluctance of some Republican elected officials, and Europeans are reluctant to pay more to help Kyiv.

Mr. Kuleba, however, expressed confidence in a green light from Congress and recalled the commitment of the Allies to help Ukraine. “I have no reason to believe that the West lacks the political will” to help Ukraine, he said, when asked about the blockades of Europe or the United States.

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And defending Europe without Ukraine is a “useless task”, also warned the minister of Ukraine, who pleaded for his country’s entry into the Alliance.

Without Ukraine, NATO would not have “the strongest and most experienced army on the battlefield,” he explained.

To those who suggested that Ukraine give up the territories to enter NATO and a guarantee of its security, the minister of Ukraine rejected it.

Asked about this idea, which was put forward by some in the face of difficulties on the ground and the military support for Kyiv, Mr. Kuleba sharply rejected any speculation in this direction.

Those who have such ideas “should propose to their governments that they leave their territory, leave their people, and if they do that, then I am ready to listen to their arguments,” he replied.

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