Audio of former employee of Wanda Nara condemning the lack of food

Audio of former employee of Wanda Nara condemning the lack of food

If one has a habit of living in scams, then of course, wanda nar, The model seems more at ease when controversy dominates her life, to the extent that she sometimes seeks him out. However, not all disputes go unresolved. Like, for example, who you’re living with Carmen CisnerosHis former maid.

His feud with the woman has been going on for a long time, after an audio of him was leaked in which he assured that he was unable to leave Gora’s home in Italy. Also, the photo of the room where he slept was also leaked and it was found that the place was infested with rats.

However, the story did not end here. As the media found out, he would have fired her and even intended to prosecute her. Also, in the last hours, Miter Live journalist Juan Etchegoyen talked about a new audio from Carmen.

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Heartbreaking audio of former domestic servant of Wanda Nara. Source: Radio Mater

“Wanda Nara and Carmen Cisnero’s scandal is in justice, ex-employee denounces businessman for human trafficking and it’s worse than what I have on this cell phone now”The journalist started before adding: “On November 19, 2020, Carmen and her friend Carolina have a conversation where she recounts the perceived ordeal she was experiencing at the time and trust me it’s cool.”

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Audio of former employee of Wanda Nara condemning the lack of food

“In this audio, a former Wanda employee tells her friend that the businessman hasn’t had enough food for over a week, it’s overwhelming”Added journalist before playing the audio in question: “I’ve been asking for food for eight days and you know he doesn’t send me and he doesn’t send me, I have white rice and I look in the mirror and look at me like a crazy person, it makes me I’m very angry.”

“Then, in the chat you’re watching, the picture of the food appears and the conversation ends with her friend, asking her to report because she brought him to work without papers”Closed Etchegoyen.