Australia dominated the first day of the Emirates Dubai Sail Grand Prix

Australia dominated the first day of the Emirates Dubai Sail Grand Prix

The Emirates Dubai Sail Grand Prix, presented by P&O Marinas, has seen an impressive start for Australia under new pilot Jimmy Spithill. Although there were three different race winners on the first day, including Canada and the home team Emirates Great Britain, Australia came out the most consistent, taking a substantial overall lead.

The Canadian team, led by Phil Robertson with new wing trimmer Paul Campbell-James, dominated the first race, taking victory while Australia took third place. In the second race, Jimmy Spithill showed his prowess by leading Australia to a convincing victory. The third race saw Emirates Great Britain take advantage of a crucial mistake in France, taking a win in their home event.

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However, Australia’s consistent performance, along with another third-place finish, gave them a five-point lead at the top of the standings. New Zealand, led by Peter Burling, and Canada shared points but took second and third place, respectively

Spithill commented on the day’s success, saying: “It’s great. You can really see that this is a benchmark team in the league. I’m just trying to get in and not make too many mistakes. I didn’t expect to be the lead after the practice run. Tomorrow will be a different day.”

Drama ensued during the races, with penalties and disqualifications for early exits affecting teams such as Germany and Canada. Despite the challenges, Australia remained calm, leading from start to finish in the second race.

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Emirates Great Britain, after a challenging start, won the third race, to the delight of the home crowd. Sir Ben Ainslie, the team leader, acknowledged the difficulties of the day, saying: “It was a difficult day. The results are not regular… Now we need two good races to reach the podium race.

New Zealand, despite not getting a victory, took the second position in the standings, while Canada took the third place. The final day of the Emirates Dubai Sail Grand Prix is ​​scheduled for December 10, with the expectation of more exciting races in this exciting sailing competition.


1 // Australia 26 points
2 // New Zealand 21 points
3 // Canada 21 points
4 // Emirates GBR 20 points
5 // France 20 points
6 // Switzerland 14 points
7 // ROCKWOOL Denmark 14 points
8 // Spain 13 points
9 // Germany 8 points
10 // United States 7 points

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