Australia imprisoned for cocaine smuggling: return harder than expected

Six years after being sentenced to prison for smuggling cocaine during a trip to Australia, Melina Robert opened up about her traumatic experience.

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Then at 22, she couldn’t resist an invitation from a close friend to participate in drug trafficking in large quantities in exchange for a good sum of money and the trip of a lifetime, feeding her Instagram account .

“I was in a kind of dire situation. Me, my financial background and then other people in my family. I thought I could help so much. Me, this can help me. Then I had my own personal needs that were completely selfish, ”admitted the young woman in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

His five years in prison was a shock.

“I was confused more than anything else. Then 20000% out of my comfort zone,” she says.

Melina Robert found her loved ones in May 2021, but her return to Quebec soil was more difficult than she might have imagined.

“I was really sad, but I didn’t understand why. Then I told myself to stop making your mauve, you’re at home, it’s been five years, you want to come back home, then there, you Why are you crying?, she says.

The young woman, who is now enjoying a stable life with her husband, decided to share her experience in a book.

“If I was able to finish it, all the better. But it would be selfish to keep all the great lessons I learned and all my wisdom, everything I know today. It would be selfish to keep it to me,” he says.


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