Australian castaway Tim Shaddock reunites with dog Bella Grupo Milenio

Australian castaway Tim Shaddock reunites with dog Bella Grupo Milenio

The time that Timothy Shaddock said goodbye to bella, the mongrel dog he was shipwrecked with in the Pacific for three months until they were rescued, promising himself that one day they would meet again. This day came on Friday, August 18th at the facilities of Marindustrias Atún Tuny, during a photo session that will be used for a book that tells stories about heroic dogs.

“He saw it and Yes, he recognized him, he wagged his tail says Genaro Rosales, fisherman from the tuna boat Mary Delia, the boat that rescued Tim and his pet. “He played with her, but bella He came into the family with me, as if he had grown accustomed to me; You know a puppy needs a home.

Timothy Lyndsay Shaddock, 54 years old. | Particularly

As was known at the time, Shaddock – who suddenly gave up his tech success in Sydney to become a free and adventurous man – set sail from La Paz, Baja California Sur, for French Polynesia in early April .

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A few days later, a storm tore the sail from the white catamaran named Hello Toa, and the engine eventually broke down. they survived eat raw shark and drink rain water.

On July 12, almost two thousand kilometers from land, helicopter pilots sighted the catamaran and a man asking for help. The pilots warned the boat Mary Delia and the crew members rushed to his aid. Rosales remembers it bella They found her healthier than Shaddock. “I healed the wound he had in his armpit and from there I didn’t run away“, Account.

Shaddock abandoned in Mexico bella because the restrictions in Australia played against him. “It’s not that Tim didn’t want to take her, he gave her to me for adoption because he didn’t want her to suffer any more,” says Rosales. “Tim found it on a hill in Guanajuato and gave it to me because it was his greatest wish Find him a family“.

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For professional reasons, Rosales lives temporarily in Manzanillo, Colima, in a house in the 16 de Septiembre neighborhood. He lives with his wife Gladys and their children, Adolfo (13) and Gilmar (2), who he takes care of the most. bella. “He takes care of him, even when he’s asleep, he watches over his sleep,” says Gladys. “Then My son hugs him and they both fall asleep“.

What now bella She has already had veterinary care, she has already been dewormed and vaccinated, she is known to be three years old and had distemper or distemper at some point as a puppy so she miraculously survived the way she survived the shipwreck.

Bella, a dog who was shipwrecked with Australian Timothy Sahddock for three months

“We thought the tic in his little leg – he moves it when he sleeps – was from the sea life, but the vet was already telling us no, it’s a result of distemper and the disease will do the same .” isn’t making any headway,” Rosales lists and says bella has gained weight: “Every day he eats a plate of croquettes and two packets of food.”

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Rosales talks about it bella He’s not the sort of dog that gets excited when other people bark at him. Of course: he gets close to the game and realizes that his weakness is being rubbed on his stomach. “He throws himself down as soon as he sees a person he likes says Rosales.

A bella He still has one boat trip ahead of him: Rosales has to sail to Mazatlán, Sinaloa, where the family lives and where another pet awaits them: a pug named Mops Vicente.


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