Avalanche kills 54 in Philippines

Avalanche kills 54 in Philippines

The death toll from a landslide near a mining town rose to 54 in the most recent report from Philippine authorities, while search efforts continued to rescue dozens of missing people.

On Sunday, 19 bodies were recovered from under the debris in the city of Masara on the southern island of Mindanao, the Philippines’ second-largest island. Another 63 people, including miners and residents, are missing.

Avalanche in philippines

The avalanche that struck on Tuesday night buried a bus terminal for gold mine workers and 55 nearby houses, injuring another 32 people.

Rocks, soil and trees slid more than 700 meters down a steep slope near the Apex Mining Company, burying 8.9 hectares of the town of Masara.

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A three-year-old girl was pulled alive from under debris on Friday after being trapped for nearly 60 hours, in what rescuers described as a “miracle”. Authorities promised to continue the search until all missing people were rescued.

Heavy rain has alerted the population

Landslides are common in this Southeast Asian archipelago due to mountainous terrain, rainfall, and deforestation due to mining, agriculture or illegal logging.

It has been raining for weeks in parts of the region, causing dozens of landslides and floods that have forced thousands of people into emergency shelters.


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