According to a league source, the Avalanche will remove leftist and team captain Gabe Landeskog from their expansion-draft protective list when it is released on Sunday morning. The move would give the Seattle Kraken exclusive rights to recruit unrestricted free agents, pending long before free agency opens on July 28.

It would also allow the avalanche to protect the other forward.

All potential free agents left vulnerable to the expansion draft could be interviewed exclusively and potentially sign a contract with Kraken between Sunday morning and Wednesday night’s expansion draft. If Seattle and Landeskog agree to a deal before the draft, Landeskog will be counted as one pick of Kraken from the Avalanche.

Landeskog, 28, is probably looking for a long-term deal with an annual cap hit of more than $7 million — and $49 million over seven years is probably just what he wants. The AVS, meanwhile, are expected to come in at about $30 million (a $6 million annual cap hit) over five years — hoping their nine-year captain and 10-year player accept the home-town exemption.

The $1 million difference and shorter duration could force Landeskog to listen to Seattle’s offer—a “C” on his chest—and $56 million (a $8 million annual cap hit) over seven years.

If Seattle doesn’t select Landeskog in Wednesday’s expansion draft, the parties could return to the negotiating table when free agency opens next Wednesday.