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‘Avatar’ Is Not Born From ‘Pocahontas’ Or ‘Dances With Wolves’ Comrade: The Saga Of Soviet Novels That “Inspired” James Cameron To Create His Pandora Saga

For years ‘Avatar’ has been talked about as a retelling of ‘Pocahontas’ and ‘Dances with Wolves’. and for some reason: As brilliant as it was technically, it’s undeniable that much of its plot was based on both films., or rather in the inherited cliches of the genre. But we may not have to look (so to speak) to American capitalism to find its true source of inspiration… But for Russian communism.

pandorian iron curtain

Year 1961. The United States, in the middle of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, Forbids the printing or display of anything that comes from outside the Iron Curtain (and vice versa). This prevented Nun’s Universe, the extensive work of the brothers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, from being translated at the time. It is a saga of science fiction novels that began with ‘Noon: 22nd Century’. and continued for more than a decade. Make no mistake: Basically it was propaganda, but with more encouragement.

afternoon in the universe, Communism conquered Earth, and it led to technological progress And, therefore, human labor is no longer required for the unlimited resources coming from the system. Indeed, rather than a shared universe, the Strugatskys were picking from here and there the concepts they liked best from their own novels to bring to the fore again. Only at last did they undertake to unite themselves and ask joint questions.

Afternoon Universe

In 1965, the brothers wrote a part of the franchise which they did not publish at the time Will be critical to the story we’re telling: ‘discomfort’, The novel would eventually become another titled ‘The Snail on the Hillside’ away from the Nunn Universe, but in 1990 the original draft was discovered and published, 25 years after its creation. And this is where we stop, because The book takes place on a heavily forested planet called… Pandora.

inspired, wink

The planet Pandora is a vacation spot in the Noon Universe that is basically a forest inhabited by alien creatures that the youth dedicate themselves to hunting. In ‘Ashanti’ the authors explain How humans have come to Pandora to take advantage of its natural resourcesHunting for sport and not taking seriously the dangers found within the forest.


For a while it was said in the press that on Pandora, a hot and humid planet covered with trees, It’s impossible not to remind us directly of the Na’vi that the “ships” were human beings of the race, but that’s not true.: There is a character named Nava in the novels, but the similarities end there. In turn there is another similarity to ‘Avatar’: both stories are from the 22nd century, Did James Cameron try to pay homage in his own way (i.e., without acknowledging his sources of inspiration)? This is possible because, as remarkable as these two are, it is difficult to find more points in general.

Earth is dying in ‘Avatar’, and it’s better than ever for communism to triumph in the Nunn Universe. as well, The human race has spread to several different planets: Ark, Giganda, Garota, Leonida, Tissa… Pandora is just one of them and it’s not where the heroes spend the most time. In fact, as we discussed, The book was not published until well after the original series, in the 1990s.

find colors in pandora

It’s inescapable to believe that James Cameron has taken from here and there. In fact, the inspirations he took for ‘Avatar’ could already fill an entire book, from artist roger dean (Cameron admitted he was an inspiration when making Pandora but Dean lost his mind) to the classics of ‘Pocahontas’ and ‘Dances With Wolves,’ moving through ‘Ferngally,’

Cameron embroiled in plagiarism allegations Since ‘Terminator’, that took a lot from the ‘Beyond the Limit’ episode titled ‘Soldier’. So much so that he paid his screenwriter, Harlan Ellison, $65,000., and now it appears in the credits (despite the director’s reluctance). To be had, he also had problems with portraits portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Titanic’ and the ‘Dark Angel’ series.

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Meanwhile ‘Avatar’ He had eight prosecutions for plagiarism, from authors of children’s novels to screenwriters whose films were never completed. It is clear that one can draw thousands of inspirations from the highest-grossing film in history, and it is also possible that Cameron took different ideas without permission, but Only he has been able to convert them into money making machines.

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