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Avian flu cases do not represent risk to human health: AMLO

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Nestor Jimenez and Alonso Urrutia

Following reports of outbreaks of avian influenza on various farms in the world and in Mexico, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador pointed out that, according to reports from field officials, there had been no impact on national production, and stressed that it would Does not represent a risk to people’s health.

“The truth is this is a global contagion, it’s happening in the United States, in Europe, everywhere. It usually happens from time to time, it doesn’t put people’s lives at risk, to be clear And doesn’t give into alarmism or sensationalism. Also, in terms of production, it doesn’t have a lot of impact in Mexico,” the president said at his morning press conference.

“In Europe, 52 million birds have been slaughtered. Because of its presence in Canada and the United States, where more than 50 million birds have been slaughtered, it was expected that sooner or later ducks and geese Migration would bring it to Mexico, so since its appearance on this continent, Senasica technicians have analyzed their presence to detect their presence early, and be able to act quickly to safeguard the production of poultry meat and eggs. to happen “.

Currently, the virus has been detected in five commercial farms in Mexico: three in Sonora, one in Nuevo León and another in Jalisco. Also on three backyard farms in Chiapas, Chihuahua and the State of Mexico. Overall, 852,000 birds have been affected, which is 0.040 percent of the national poultry inventory.

For this reason, the National Service for Food Safety and Quality (Senasica) implemented an internal quarantine in Sonora, Nuevo León and Jalisco, meaning that in order to market products in these entities, producers must demonstrate with official evidence. Have to do that the birds are free. Virus.

Meanwhile, as part of the outbreak’s control operations, vaccination of birds was authorized, which will begin this week in the highest-risk areas.

“It is important to remark that this outbreak does not pose a risk to public health.” The report states that this type of influenza is transmitted between birds, and once detected, they are slaughtered.

After reading the report, the President said that “it helps a lot. He says the best way to deal with rumors is with information.”

The head of the federal executive said that if at any time there is a shortage of food, “plans are already underway to be able to import from any country in the world, of course taking care of sanitary rules and procedures and Holding importers responsible “for those who have been licensed to do so in case of irregularities” is part of the measures to tackle the problem of food inflation.

He considered that with the application of this agreement, the department stores already offered a basic basket of 24 products for less than the agreed upon price.

AMLO later denied involvement in SICT operations. rented

After the outbreak last month that the Secretariat for Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT) had to suffer rentedPresident Andrés Manuel López Obrador denied that the cyberattack affected the work done by the said agency or his administration.

When asked about the issue, he insisted that “we do not stop at fundamental works, we do not stop at the Maya train, the most important railway project in the world, which we should be proud of.”

Also, it denied that there was a breach with the companies’ data rented,

He noted that his administration is currently building canals in Sinaloa and Jalisco to irrigate 100,000 hectares, as well as aqueducts in 15 states. Whereas in aviation, “where there may be a greater need, and a hack may affect, we have not had any problems and progress is already being made to return to Category 1 in aviation.”

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On October 24, SICT reported on the social network that “the National Approved Protocol for the Management of Cyber ​​Incidents and Contingency Plan was activated in accordance with the regulations, to cover potential vulnerabilities in information and data obtained from illegal access” Access to SICT’s computer equipment”. and announced the development of the investigation and announced that according to the result “the officials concerned will be condemned and held to trial.”

they invest 40 million pesos to modernize the refineries

President López Obrador also recalled that his government remains in the process of modernizing six refineries in the country, for which, he said, 40 to 45 billion pesos have been allocated so far.

He stressed that at the beginning of the current government the refineries of Salina Cruz, Minatitlan, Tula, Salamanca, Madero and Cadereta usually presented an output of 38 percent of their capacity, but with the work in this case, now they are 65 and have increased between 70 percent, almost double from 2018.

The plan of previous governments was to “let them become junk like the whole petrochemical industry, they are all corrupt, irresponsible, technocrats.”

He highlighted that, at the same time, the federal government purchased the Dero Park refinery, which has already been paid for with one year’s profits, and that “the Doss refinery is already completed and being integrated”. is, and its testing is starting. “Mouth. It is a great refinery, one of the best in the world, built in three years at very little cost; They don’t do it anywhere.

With this, an additional 340,000 barrels of gasoline and diesel are being designed to be processed. In addition, two coking plants have been built, for which an additional 150 billion pesos have been invested.

He indicated that an expansion is planned at the La Cangrejera complex in Coatzacoalcos, and whose tenders are in process.

Said that works, he reiterated, that from next year “we will stop buying gasoline and diesel abroad, we are going to be self-sufficient.”

A constitutional reform in electoral matters is necessary, insists AMLO

López Obrador stressed the need for a constitutional reform to modify the electoral organization, questioning whether those who march against reform are “perpetrating electoral fraud to preserve the privileges of a conservative and corrupt oligarchy”. “The bottom line is, and since that corrupt, racist oligarchy has control of all media, they manipulate”.

In a new nod to the controversy surrounding electoral officials, the president insisted that the same people who supported the 2006 election fraud and who justified the extra spending of the Enrique Peña Nieto campaign – whose illegal financing was later was confirmed via Odebrecht – “They don’t stop dreaming they’re going to come back on their own. And that too with money, with fraud to re-impose. It’s going to be very, very difficult, even Let it be like this, most of the people are in favor of democracy”.

Acknowledging once again that he did not have the qualified majority needed to reform the constitution, he said that in the next elections “we will have to face the conservative bloc, which is necessary not only to win the presidency but It’s also necessary to have a majority in Congress.”, because if you want change, he said, without majority support in the legislative branch, the president’s hands are tied.

AMLO: Replacement in Judiciary must implement rule of law with social dimension

López Obrador said that in terms of a replacement for the presidency of the nation’s Supreme Court, he has no preference, but he has a “fictitious person”. When categorically asked about the impending change in the head of the Judiciary, he said it should be someone who enforces the rule of law with a social dimension and always puts business interests, public interest more than the individual. Do you care? , of the Mexicans”.

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He considered it necessary to guarantee that since there is no violation of human rights, there is no corruption within the judiciary “no nepotism, influenceism”. Also, those with a lot of power are not released because they are related to organized crime or white-collar. I would like the new president or the new president to be like that.

—Is that profile on the court?

—Yes, fortunately, everything is bad neither in the judiciary, nor in the executive, nor in the legislature, nor in the country. We have many values ​​in Mexico, the main asset of Mexico is the honesty of its people, because they have not been able to corrupt everything.

AMLO questions the opacity of public universities in managing their resources

Although he has said he respects the autonomy of public universities, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has questioned the lack of transparency present in the management of public resources. He announced that he would deliver a report on all budget items that are transferred from federal contributions to public universities and states.

He considered that university rectors should submit public reports on the management of the resources that are distributed to them. He questioned that there are universities where groups have control for 30 or 40 years, because they control the university council and the councils of each faculty so that everything is legal, but how are the people who actually head those institutions? work like.

AMLO leads the distribution of National Prizes for Arts and Literature 2020 and 2021

In a brief ceremony within a morning press conference at the National Palace, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador led the entry of the National Prize for Arts and Literature, corresponding to both 2020 and 2021. He also provided recognitions for the founding organizations of the Mexican Union of. Association of Engineers (UMAI).

The distribution of the National Awards for Arts and Literature has been delayed since last July, when the winners were announced. Among those honored are poet Oscar Mario Oliva Ruiz; the Linateros workshop collective of San Cristóbal de las Casas, and the sculptor Manuel de Jesus Hernández, “Hersua”.

The Popular Arts and Traditions Award was given to the Lenteros Workshop Collective from San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. He was welcomed by María Méndez Pérez Maruch along with seven other members of the collective.

Through a video, it was highlighted that the award has been received by the Linateros workshop for the trajectory of a group composed mainly of women, who have disseminated the traditions of their community. “Joy, what they do is wonderful,” said the culture secretary.

On behalf of the winners, the poet Oscar Mario Oliva Ruiz revealed the “honor” that receiving the award from the President of the Republic represented for him.

Shortly after conferring a series of recognitions to the founding groups of UMAI, the association’s president, José Alfonso Dominguez Gil, expressed that there is a lot of art, culture and magic in engineering.

The five engineering associations and colleges were recognized not only for being among the oldest associations in the country in their fields, but also “because their contribution to development has been immeasurable.”

The recognized groups were the Mexican Geological Society; Mexican Association of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers; College of Military Engineers; College of Electrical Mechanical Engineers and College of Civil Engineers of Mexico.

After the conclusion of the distribution, although the head of the federal executive invited the winners to remain for the remainder of the press conference, most of the guests chose to leave the Treasury Room.

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