Azteca Stadium to change its name for 2026 World Cup


Without a clear date as to when the reconstruction of the Azteca Stadium will begin, some details about its renovation have begun to leak, the most recent being the alleged name change that it will undergo in addition to the amount that will be invested to make it look ready for the World Cup. For. 2026.

On Fox Sports Radio, journalist Rubén Rodríguez brought forward the changes that will be made to the World Cup property twice, all to comply with FIFA requirements to be able to host World Cup matches for the third time in its history. will be.

“Azteca Stadium is going to change its name. They are going to put over $100 million into remodeling. They are going to make a lot of efforts so that the stadium is built as requested by FIFA, as required by the NFL and America. “The United States is going to play this entire tournament at Azteca Stadium and it will be closed in May,” he told Fox Sports Radio.

His partner in broadcasting, Gustavo Mendoza, said that it would be a sponsorship, which was confirmed by Rodríguez, who also said that it could be “a bank,” without giving further details.

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When will the work start?

Although Azulcrema Club president Emilio Azcarraga announced that work would begin between May and June, the exact day the remodeling will begin has not been confirmed by any official means so far.

Meanwhile, the US is considering playing Clausura 2024 at the Colosseo de Santa Ursula, while it was expected to happen at the Ciudad de los Deportes stadium, which will be only for CONCACAF champions.

Even some concerts by Karol G are planned at the venue on February 8, 9, and 10, which were thought to serve as a curtain-raiser for the Games, although this was not the case.

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According to the Liga MX calendar, Clausura 2024 ends on May 26, so Águilas also has enough time to play a new final at home.


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