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Bad decision in ‘Terminator’ cost James Cameron 10 minutes of ‘Avatar 2’

The 1984 film “Terminator” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger has become one of the most influential science fiction films of recent decades, but its writer James Cameron has some regrets.

Some filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and even Peter Jackson have contributed to Hollywood box office success with films. Jurassic Park, star wars why Lord of the Rings, definitely in that group it is also found James Cameronwho likes with movies Titanic why Avatar It has been shown.

However, the Canadian director and screenwriter has one major regret about one of his most influential creations in the field of science fiction: terminator, With his 1984 film, Cameron not only describes humanity’s efforts to stop an artificial intelligence called Skynet, but also depicts the relationship between man and machine.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Acted as the face of the Terminator franchise in all six of its films, Explaining the different versions of the model T-800 Terminator. While the first two installments are considered classics of the genre, the last four, including Terminator Salvationreceived negative to mixed reviews.

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in a new interview with Sirreflects on his work in Cameroon terminatorincluding the script he wrote for Terminator 6: Hidden FateStarring Mackenzie Davis. The three-time Oscar winner revealed that his biggest regret stems from the fetishization of guns, noting that real-world events have led him to reflect on the film’s depiction of violence.

“I look back at some of the movies I’ve done, and I don’t know if I want to do that movie anymore. I don’t know if I want to sexualize guns, as I did a couple But did the Terminator movies from 30 years ago.”says director of ghosts of the abyss, “What is happening with guns in our society makes me sick to my stomach.”

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While Cameron’s concern about gun fetishism in movies is very valid, especially considering the number of mass shootings America faces each year. (a problem acutely illustrated by Michael Moore columbine massacre), it’s interesting to consider how moving away from these weapons would affect the franchise terminator,

both the original film and Terminator 2: Judgment Day Features memorable scenes in which Schwarzenegger’s main character marvels at certain weapons And he spends time cleaning them up and using them for his various goals, whether it’s killing Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) or protecting young John Connor (Edward Furlong).

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except, Much of the franchise’s action centered around gunfights. between Skynet-controlled machines and their human adversaries, as in Terminator: Origins (with Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke), It seems like removing the weapon from the story would be a difficult task.

But Cameron knows the past can’t change him and so he looks to the present. “Actually, I cut about 10 minutes out of the movie [Avatar: El camino del agua] focus on shots. I wanted to get rid of some of the ugliness, to find a balance between light and dark.”,

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“You definitely have to have conflict. Violence and action are the same, depending on how you look at it. It’s every action filmmaker’s dilemma, and I’m known as an action filmmaker.

thus ends the director risky lie that, somehow, elaborates a necessary self-criticism, not to censor the representation of violence in cinema. To reflect and debate on what is or should be the role of audio-visual media, including film and television, in these problems that go beyond the screen.

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