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Monday, March 8, 2021

Ban on girls wearing tight jeans in Pakistan University, many things banned for boys too

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A university in Pakistan has given such a decree about girls, which some people do not like at all. There is a ban on women teachers and girl students wearing tight jeans. It is also said that women will have to wear scarf i.e. abaya or hijab compulsorily in university campus.

Here Bacha Khan University, located in Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, has issued a circular regarding this dress code. Which is mandatory for men and women to believe. The circular states that there are tight jeans, T-shirts, short dresses, make-up, jewelery, fancy purses, transparent clothes and high heels restrictions for girls studying in the university.

Many things banned for boys too

On the other hand, blue and black pants, coats and jackets, shorts, cutoff jeans, tight jeans, sports shoes, jeans and hands band will be banned for boys. The Vice Chancellor of the University has asked to include the study of the Quran and its translation in the syllabus. It has also been told that the Academic Council has finalized the new dress code, rules like cultural and religious education.

Rules will also apply to teachers

They will soon get approval from the syndicate, after which they will be implemented. Surprisingly, teachers are also included in the rules, who cannot wear sandals, earrings and jeans. Even female teachers cannot wear short shirts.

Why were the new rules created?

The university professor says that full preparations are being made to implement the new rules. It has also given importance to teach the Quran so that the coming generation can be made responsible and better citizens. Bacha Khan is not the first university in Pakistan where these rules are being implemented. Rather, a similar dress code has been implemented in Hazara University of Abbottabad earlier. Which was implemented on the instructions of the governor of the province.

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