Banxico begins its retreat in Mexico

He protects Banxico

It was recently announced that the 50 peso notes of the F family, that is, those with the image of José María Morelos y Pavón From this year on, they will begin to be withdrawn from banks. The latest update on the Banxico page about this note already announces:Withdrawal process“.

Likewise, via 𝕏 (formerly Twitter), Banxico uploaded a picture of the 50 peso bills that are on their way to retirement. These are all the people who belonged to the families from B to F.

Banxico adds by informing All of these expenses continue to have monetary validity. This means that if we have in our possession a 50 peso bill from Family B that was put into circulation on January 1, 1993, it will still have its face value. The same applies to all other families up to F.

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He Protects Banxico

Together, the families from C to F represent all the 50 peso bills that José María Morelos y Pavón represented as an image, so little by little, the 50 peso axolotl will be the most present in our wallets. The latest bills from Morelos, the self-proclaimed “servant of the nation,” were put into circulation on November 21, 2006, 17 years ago now.

A portrait that has existed since 1994

Its dimensions are 127 x 66 mm. On the front are two cannons forming an “X” and an upward-pointing arc, with the initials “SUD,” which identified the coins minted by the Southern Army commanded by Morelos during the War of Independence. On the back is the aqueduct of the city of Morelia, Michoacán, built in the 18th century. Additionally, three monarch butterflies and a stylized emblem of the state of Michoacán can be seen, referencing the site’s pre-Hispanic heritage.

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Remember that all of these notes will continue to retain their value and that their payout will be gradual, so it will take some time before they are completely withdrawn from circulation. This is another step towards a new money market in which the G family banknotes and upcoming editions will be the only ones present in the country. However, we will miss those beautiful magenta Morelos banknotes.