Barbara de Regil leverages her exercise routine to sit on her husband’s face. Video

Barbara de Regil leverages her exercise routine to sit on her husband's face.  Video

Reslie’s Barbara She has stood out for being an outstanding actress; However, she maintains a healthy philosophy that garners even more attention from her followers. Although it prompted her to make some unfortunate statements that took her by storm, she didn’t give up and remains one of the favorites.

Who gave life to the character of?rosario scissors“She is very active on her social networks where she always publishes her walks, professional projects, as well as her powerful exercise routines to show people that when you want, you can do it. Something that she does is similar to yanet Garcia From your ditch, always inspire your followers for a better lifestyle.

in this matter, Reslie’s Barbara He did not miss the opportunity to publish another video with different movements to strengthen and tone different parts of the body: legs, abdomen, arms, buttocks and shoulders, always enjoying every effort, he assures, this is its will be worth

“We don’t stop running because we get old, we get old because we stop walking. At least start walking, with 20 squats a day, but start over. Go on, have fun ‘Enjoy it! Abs and cardio motivated! I swear if you can,’ the influencer also wrote.

Barbara de Regil sits on her husband’s face

During the recording of her various exercises and tricks, you can see Barbara de Regil as her daughter Mar & . can see with fernando schoenwald, All performing various movements to stay in top condition; However, the actress took the opportunity to sit on her husband’s face.

Barbara de Regil jokes with her husband (Photo: Screenshot)

When Fer was lying on a bench beside them, he did not miss the opportunity to approach her with his butt, while he limited himself only to laughing as he held the dumbbells in his hands.

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