Barbosa's oldest woman 'Chavita' Ospina dies at the age of 106

Barbosa's oldest woman 'Chavita' Ospina dies at the age of 106

“Blessed Virgin, take me to your little house because I have already struggled a lot in this life,” these were some of the last words that María Isabel Ospina Ortega – better known as Chavita – expressed in life. Kiye, a century older than Barbos and perhaps one of the oldest women in the department, died last weekend.

Chavita’s story was told in October 2022 by the talented historian Gustavo Ospina, who told that he was born on Monday, October 1, 1917, in the village of Mocorongo, on the borders of Barbosa and Donmatias. She was the daughter of Alfredo Ospina and his wife Teresa Ortega. María Isabel was the second daughter in the house, after Alfredo, the eldest. In total they had nine children, of whom only Herminia survives today, who already has a century to her credit.

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Witnessing two world wars and living through 36 presidential governments in Colombia, including military junta, are facts that do not faze Chavita, born in a peasant family, dedicated to farming, raising cows and very much in love with herself .

Chavita was a woman who had a good memory and cheerful nature till her last day. Although ‘Chavita’ did not marry or have children, she always made it clear that there was no shortage of men who surrounded the farm at Mokorongo or the family home in the center of Barbosa to court her.

Chavita answered very seriously and frankly that day: “I talked to many people, but I don’t know what happened.”

María Isabel sang fully and with clear phrasing. You don’t need to shout at him to understand the questions. She was not suffering from any disease. “I never got headaches or anything, it just gave me gray hair, ha ha ha,” he said at the time.

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In an attempt to find out why there is such a long life combined with good health, ‘Chavita’ was jokingly asked if the secret was drinking brandy. With a feeling of indignation she says without hesitation: “Oh no! I don’t drink from that, no sir. Never No rum or beer or anything.

María Isabel may be the oldest woman in Antioquia and she is certainly one of the oldest women in the country. A long life achieved with love, respect and gratitude on the part of his nephews – who never thought of taking him to refuge and who have always looked upon him as a great example – and who cherished him to the last Kept active, continued walking, reading, knitting. Day of his life. her life.

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Hence, the proximity of the inevitable date with death was found in that mansion of Bahareke. There her family, in her last hours, found her praying like the devout and merciful daughter of God and the Virgin Mary that she had always been.

Chavita finally left this world about two hours after being admitted to San Vicente de Paul Hospital in Barbosa.

The funeral of that “big mother” for her nephews was held last Sunday in the Maria Auxiliadora Church in the second park of Barbosa.

Family and friends were there to say goodbye to that long-lived, but above all beloved and exemplary woman, of whom they will surely leave with the best memories and the great lessons that she allowed them to share with them for so many years.


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