Barriers on highways may be inadequate due to heavy cars

Car flies after hitting barrier

Car Flies After Hitting Barrier

American road officials are issuing a worrying alert regarding this Road safety due to vehicle weight electrical I plug-in hybrid, which may exceed the capabilities of the protective barriers. “EVs”, heavier than combustion-only vehicles, make currency Challenges to existing road infrastructure And the safety of occupants of other vehicles. As the popularity of electrified cars grows, the need to adapt to road constraints and infrastructure becomes more urgent.

Worrying data on the causes of “Overweight”

According to data from crash tests conducted by the University of Nebraska, electric vehicles, due to their greater weight than internal combustion engine vehicles, can overcome obstacles easily Steel was designed to stop them.

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Challenges in road safety

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, concerns about road safety have increased. These vehicles, which typically weigh 20% to 50% more than conventional vehicles, pose new challenges to existing road infrastructure.

Heavy Plug-In Hybrid Car

Barriers as a last resort

Road safety experts have pointed out that protective barriers are necessary on highways keep vehicles on the road And prevent serious accidents in critical areas such as bridges, cliff edges and rocky areas.

Warning against disastrous consequences

Michael Brooks, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety, stressed that highway barriers are a measure of last resort. However, as the weight of electric vehicles increases, these obstacles may arise Not enough to stop them In case of any accident.

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This has happened before with railings

In the 1990s, as more people began buying trucks and SUVs, Nebraska’s Midwest Roadside Safety Facility found that safety systems Obstacles arose in 50 years Earlier it was insufficient to bear the extra weight. So they proceeded to redesign the railing to fit.

Call to action

The results of the crash test conducted in Nebraska are worrying. It has been shown that electric vehicles can easily penetrate steel protective barriers, raising serious concerns about the safety of drivers and passengers of light vehicles.

Heavy Car With Trailer

Need review

Electric vehicle manufacturers have responded Highlighting the security of your models, However, the test results show that road safety rules need to be urgently reviewed to accommodate the increase in weight of electric vehicles.

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Actions in progress

In response to this concern, further testing is being conducted and extensive research is being planned to determine how to improve road safety and ensure the safety of all road users.


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