BBVA alerts about fraud through messages and emails

BBVA alerts about fraud through messages and emails

BBVA Bank alerts its users about some malicious messages in which they impersonate the identity of this banking institution in order to deceive their clients, sending them messages in which they supposedly notice anomalies in their accounts, so they include a link where they can “block” your accounts.

Upon accessing the link, they are redirected to a web page where they ask users for banking and personal information, and once they get this information to steal all the money they can.

“Taking advantage of the functions of the telephone’s operating system, these messages manage themselves in the string of legitimate SMS sent by BBVA to its clients, so you must remain alert,” BBVA emphasized.

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Another form of fraud is sending SMS or WhatsApp messages where they report undelivered order packages, tax refunds, utility bills, or pretending to be family members where they talk about reason you can access a link, like the following example:

“Hi dad, my other phone is broken, this is the new number. Send me a message through WhatsApp (followed by a link),” warned BBVA on its social networks.


This type of fraud is known as smishing, it is a fraud that consists of sending messages via SMS or WhatsApp, where cybercriminals impersonate public organizations, companies or people in order to obtain personal information. from users.

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To avoid falling for this scam you can follow these tips:

Banks and financial institutions never send messages with links; if you receive one, delete it immediately.

Do not give out personal or banking information over the phone or on the Internet.

Be aware of all messages that sound alarming and/or contain spelling errors.

All secure web pages must begin with https:// and have a closed padlock on the navigation bar.