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-Brad Pitt





How Brad Pitt’s green housing dream turned into a nightmare for Hurricane Katrina survivors

Comment: So much has gone wrong with the homes built by the Make It Right Foundation that its low-income home buyers were deprived of the financial security they were promised. 1413 words. By Judith Keller, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

What is NATO and why does Ukraine want to join?

NATO One of Putin’s demands is blocking Ukrainian membership in order to defuse conflict with Ukraine. Understanding what NATO is and why Ukraine wants to join makes it clear why Putin wants to do so. 912 words. By Alastair Kocho-Williams, Clarkson University

Can the US find enough natural gas sources to neutralize Russia’s energy leverage over Europe?

Comment An energy expert explains the challenges of finding alternative natural gas supplies for Europe in the case of the Russian cutoff on Ukraine. 1021 words. By Amy Myers Jaffe, Tufts University

There’s More to Mindfulness Than Popular Media Hype

A scholar studying the relationship of Buddhism and medicine describes how mindfulness has been misrepresented by the popular media. 937 words. by Pierce Salguero, Penn State

Could Delta-8 provide some of the benefits of THC pot – with less paranoia and anxiety?

Comment In the first published survey of users of the cannabis-derived compound, respondents highlighted some important therapeutic effects. 966 words. Daniel J. Kruger, University of Michigan and Jessica S. by Kruger, University at Buffalo

Bad managers, burnout and health fears: why record numbers of hospitality workers are leaving the industry for good

Comment New research sheds light on what is prompting hospitality workers – such as waiters and hotel workers – to leave the industry as part of the ‘great resignation’. 1150 words. by Andrew Morio, Florida International University; Imran Rahman, Auburn University; Lisa Cain, Florida International University, and Trishna G. Mistry, University of South Florida

The IRS already has all of your income tax data — so why do Americans still have to file their taxes?

Comment One tax expert explains why the US continues to use such a complex and expensive income tax system. 979 words. by Beverly Moran, Vanderbilt University

Why do we shed blood? A hematologist explains how the body stops blood loss after an injury.

Science or Technology From delivering oxygen to body parts to fighting infections, blood plays an important role in keeping us alive. 728 words. Mikel A. by Seceres, University of Miami

Pope Benedict erred on sexual abuse claims: New report is just one chapter in his and the Catholic Church’s horrific record

Religion Pope Benedict XVI’s years of wrestling with the abuse crisis addresses the wider challenges of the Catholic Church. 972 words. by David Gibson, Fordham University

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