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No more active cases listed

The BC government is no longer disclosing the number of active COVID-19 cases in the province or the number of people who’ve recovered from the virus.

Thursday’s daily COVID-19 update contained no mention of the number of active COVID cases in BC, the active cases broken down by health region, or the number of cases deemed “recovered.”

During Wednesday’s press conference, Dr. Bonnie Henry said due to the changing testing requirements during the Omicron wave, the number of positive tests in the province no longer accurately reflect the number of actual positive cases.

Prior to the Omicron wave, everyone experiencing symptoms were encouraged to get tested. But as the highly transmissible Omicron variant swept through BC, the province has limited testing to specific groups, and those most at risk of serious illness.

“Because of that, a couple of the metrics that we’ve been reporting on daily, particularly the ones about active cases and people who have been removed from isolation, are no longer accurate and they’re no longer an accurate reflection of what’s happening in the community,” Dr. Henry said Wednesday.

“It’s a change because of the changing strategies and how we’re dealing with what we’re faced with right now.”

Dr. Henry also said she plans to announce the lifting of some COVID-19 measures next week.

“What you will hear next week will be the details of how we are going to be moving forward,” she said.

“You will hear less about ‘the pandemic’ as we get through this wave and more about how we continue to manage our personal risks as restrictions are adjusted in step with what we are seeing in terms of transmission and hospitalizations.”

Despite this, she said COVID-19 “continues to be a serious respiratory illness.” As of Thursday, there are 867 COVID-positive people being treated in hospitals across the province.


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