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Begona Gomez Tones Her Arms Like Queen Letizia: The Secret To Strengthening Them After 40 And Preventing Bat Wings

This is a non-stop. yesterday we talked
Queen Letizia’s toned arms (And recently we did the same with
his belly) Now we have to make special mention of the sides of
begona gomezu, wife of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez. And because? because he surprised us by showing off
Hypertonified and muscular arms Which not everyone can have at the age of 47.

Yes, jealousy destroys us, and it ain’t easy to eradicate
thick in this part of our anatomy when
40s It has already made its presence felt in our lives. The female body is subject to a multitude of
physical changes due to our hormonal activity and one of them is the accumulation of fat in different parts of our body, including
weapons that, added to
poor triceps exerciseresult in the presence of dread
bat wings.

But that doesn’t happen with Begona Gomez and until we’re clear she’s set up a
rocodrome In Moncloa, as Letizia does in Zarzuela (according to the gossip), we have to assume that this is the result.
specific exercises Performed at the gym or in your home, but adapted to this part of your anatomy.

strength exercise

It’s OK to Lose Weight, But If You Want
remove local fat and tone your arms
strength exercise It is necessary. And one of the elements practically necessary for this is
weight, Do not think that you are going to start lifting several tens of kilos on the first day, nor can you do it without injuring yourself, nor is it necessary, but by following a few simple guidelines, you can get some use .
Dumbbells No problem.

And it’s that you’re not going to gain anything by working without force. to have some weapons
without flabbiness and toned force must work through us
body weight Or with classic weights. And Begona Gomez, 47, and Queen Letizia, 49, have taken this task very seriously.
muscle loss That we are, above all, suffering from menopause.

We’re pretty sure they both lift a decent amount of weight and do
several times per week. What is weight gain to burn fat while gaining weight
muscle mass, So the procrastination caused by the accumulation of
thick The triceps area will gradually disappear, saying goodbye
bat wings,

Begona Gomez during dinner at the Prado Museum. ,


Specific exercises to tone your arms at home

1.- Foot Triceps Press

standing And keeping your feet slightly shoulder-width apart, hold a dumbbell in each hand. weapons
working Above your head, slowly lower the weight and control the movement by bending your elbows
behind the head. As you exhale, return to the starting position in one strong motion. While exercising, keep in mind that do not allow any other part of the body to move
elbow joint,

2.- Lateral Raise

Stand tall with your feet slightly bent and hip-width apart. should be behind
Straight And in each hand we should hold a dumbbell, while the arms remain on the sides of the body or slightly in front of the thighs
inflection, Taking a breath, raise the dumbbells until your arms come up
in the queue with your shoulders up and down slowly from there

3.- Push-ups

Classic Not only work the chest for a lifetime, but also tone the arms, but, yes, when more
glued The more you have them for the body, the better they will perform their function. Support the palms of the hands on the ground and the tips of the feet
straight body. The hands should be just below the shoulders. start going down
Slowly control movement
flexing Push the elbow back and out until it’s about 5 cm off the ground and back up.

4.- Shoulder Press

Position yourself, either sitting or standing with you
straight back And with a dumbbell in each hand, keep your arms in the shape of a candlestick. Dumbbells should be at shoulder height and palms of hands
closed Expect. Raise
Slowly the weight above your head, forming a shape
triangular Finish by simultaneously lifting both dumbbells and return to the starting position.

5.- Biceps curl

Stand tall and hold a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing forward
Upwards, Make sure your forearm and the ground are parallel and facing up
Slowly Bring your elbows up to your shoulders without taking them off your body. then return to the starting position
take control Movement all the time.

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