Bellingham, three weeks out

Bellingham, three weeks out

Bellingham suffered a high-grade sprain. The Englishman woke up this morning to find his left ankle very swollen (much more so than last night) and in great pain. The sensations were poor and medical tests have confirmed it: his sprain is high grade. She will be out of the next four matches: she will not travel to Leipzig, she will not even go to Vallecas, she will not host Sevilla and, although there is a small cartridge left here, everything indicates that she will not be at the Mestalla either. . It will be three weeks without the Englishman, who aims to return in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 (March 6, at the Bernabéu).

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Bellingham is sitting on the bench with his ankle iced. DANI SANCHEZDIARIAS

Bellingham is “a millimeter” away from serious injury. Club sources assure that, within this setback, there has been a pinch of luck: if he had twisted his ankle a little more, the ligaments of the tibiofibular joint would have been affected, for example, Vinicius suffered an injury in 2019. Had to face Ajax and it was hell for him (“I spent six months in fear; when it was cold, it hurt to do nothing,” confessed the Brazilian, who then left the field in tears). This type of injury means being out for seven weeks. In Jude’s case, these ligaments have not been affected, so everything is limited to a sprain, but very strong. This will be for three weeks.

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A stomp from Pablo Torre

It all happened in the 50th minute: Bellingham came down to help recover the ball, a bit on the sideline and when he saw the chance, he put his foot in… But Pablo Torre arrived late and, unsurprisingly , stepped on it. Which resulted in significant sprain, sprain. The player continued moving forward after thinking. He returned to the field and limping forward the ball made the score 3-0. But it was clear he couldn’t do that and he pointed to the bench for a replacement. Brahim entered.

The moment Bellingham sprained his ankle, in action with Pablo Torre.DAZN

He sat down next to the doctors, took off the boot, elevated his leg and they encased the swelling with ice. In this way he saw out the last half hour of the game while giving the field a rest. And when Martínez Munuera signaled the end, he stood up and waved limply to teammates and rivals. In the first examinations, already in the locker room, an obvious sprain was observed, but we had to wait until today to know the degree. And the result has been disastrous: it’s too much. Jude has dribbled by “one millimeter” which is something more serious, but he will not play again in February. Madrid will be without Bellingham for around three weeks.

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