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Benefits of sports for children’s heart health

The objective as a mother, beyond obtaining benefits for the cardiovascular system, is to provide a sporting activity for your children that they enjoy. Never miss this point!

Benefits Of Sports For Children'S Heart Health

Last Update: January 07, 2023

As a mom, you’ve always heard the advice that your kids should get physical activity., But do you really know why? The objective is to make you aware of the benefits of play for children’s health and find ways to promote it in your children.

In general, sports offer countless positive aspects from an early age. Of course, the younger the children, the more adapted they are to the activities, so that they can practice them without any problems. in this matter, You should focus on the heart health benefits, Next, we’ll show you how it affects babies and how you can apply it to your daily routine.

Benefits of sports for children’s health

Before moving on to the cardiovascular benefits, we’ll show you the main positives your kids can get from playing sports regularly:

  • sleep betterBeing active most of the time makes sleep time a valuable treasure. In this way, rest becomes an important habit for children, which is acquired at night. In addition, the body itself begins to look for a way to recover the energy lost during the day.
  • They Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle: One of the main problems in the world is the sedentary lifestyle, and even children are affected by it. Furthermore, this problem is compounded by poor implementation of technology. So, make sure that your kids encourage sports so that a sedentary lifestyle does not become an active part of their lives.
  • they strengthen your bodyStaying active not only prevents the onset of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), but also contributes to strengthening muscles and bones. No matter what sport your kids play, the goal is to keep moving forward.
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 60 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per day for children and youth aged 5 to 17 years.

What are the cardiovascular benefits in children?

The above benefits can be considered most relevant to the child through the practice of sports. Now, we’ll highlight the positive aspects on the cardiovascular level—the heart and circulatory system—which also Must be achieved through healthy habitsAs highlighted by this scientific publication.

Although the effect of sports on heart health in young children has not been determined, An investigation done in Canada is the starting point to pave the way full of knowledge about the topic.

improve blood circulation

The main benefit of practicing sports physical activity is the improvement of blood circulation. Just being active gets your heart rate up. and causes more pulsation of blood around the organism. The same happens in the case of children, while blood pressure is responsible for strengthening the blood vessels, both veins and arteries.

strengthen the heart

Strengthening the heart contributes not only to its ability to pump blood, but also to general physical condition. This way, The child will start to position himself to be subjected to more efforts linked to resistance, either aerobic or anaerobic.

By being active, the heart of children starts beating fast, due to which the muscles of the walls of the heart become strong. On the other hand, the more intensely the sport is performed, the higher the frequency.

Improving the quality and quantity of oxygen

associated with blood circulation, One of the benefits of sports for children’s heart health is the circulation of oxygen-rich blood. in body parts. If sports physical activity is done regularly, the amount of oxygen in the blood will be more. This is due to the frequency with which the heart pumps and gas exchange in the lungs, which occurs more rapidly.

Thus, not only is the blood volume benefited, but also Its quality is also improved by having a high amount of oxygen, Broadly speaking, this benefit supports the primary and secondary functions of the body in general.

Prepare the body in advance against NCDs

Counteracting the effects of a sedentary lifestyle is one of the purposes of sport physical activity. This way, The most important thing is to make sure that these influences are from childhood.,

The combination of the above benefits of sports for cardiovascular health is responsible for protecting the body. The same is true of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which are associated with cardiovascular health and are more likely to occur with a sedentary lifestyle. This way, Lowers their chances of high blood pressure, obesity, stroke and other similar problems,

The most rewarding sport is the one your child enjoys

like a mother, We advise you to involve your children in sports programs from an early age, Of course, for this you must have the support of the pediatrician and his permission, which may arise after certain tests and studies. On the other hand, try to get your kids to practice a discipline or activity that they really enjoy. Remember that forcing them will only discourage them and put them off the game.

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