Benefits to Homeowners at the Cost of Taxpayers

If you ask real estate experts how the value of a building is measured, the answer is always the same: first place, second place, third place again and yes, building fabric plays a fourth role too. Official figures say exactly the same thing: The current market value of single-family homes, rental apartments, condominiums, offices and retail space is approximately CHF 4,200 billion, according to real estate consultant WoostPartners.

According to official capital stock figures, the replacement value of all buildings at the end of 2020 totaled CHF 1,002 billion. If the average annual growth continues, it should currently be around 1050 billion. However, a large part of it is attributed to public buildings such as schools, hospitals, administrative buildings, etc. Rounded and summarized, the following calculation results: Of the market value of all private high-rise buildings of 4200 billion, 950 billion of the building structure and 3250 billion of the space accounted for. The adage of three times space and one substance quite corresponds to reality.


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