Benitatxell innovates 355 streetlights with LED technology

Thanks to a grant from the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (Ives), the city council of El Poble nu de Benitataxel has replaced a total of 355 traditional streetlights with LED lights in different areas and urbanization of the municipality. EUR 149,907 has been invested between Ives and Consistory at 50% (each unit contributed €74,953.50).

In the absence of installing the final streetlights, the areas that have been worked out are the urban area, Zubia Road, the Camy de l’Esegador (north access to the Cumbre del Sol), the Vilotel-Madronal urbanization and the Cumbre del. In areas of Seoul, especially oleanders, dahlias, sunflowers and magnolias.

It is one of various public lighting works that have already been undertaken in the municipality with the aim of rectifying historical deficiencies and, at the same time, continuing to promote energy savings and efficiency measures.

In 2020, an energy audit was carried out to ascertain the status of the entire municipal electrical installation and thus may be able to apply for this help from Ives and other lines, such as those in rural areas to install solar streetlights. Subsidies to the Deputación de Alicante. Roads. At the same time, last February, the company was awarded the maintenance and maintenance contract for the public lighting system.

Waiting for big subsidy for the renovation of the entire municipality

But the most important action in this matter is expected to be taken soon with the DUS 5000 program of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE). And it is that last December 2021, the city council requested assistance for investment in unique local clean energy projects within the framework of the Regeneration of Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and the Demographic Challenge Program. Specifically, line 4 to tackle light pollution, efficient and intelligent lighting, smart rural and ICT.

With this, they hope to get enough help to replace the rest of the municipal lights with LED technology. With this action, all public lighting systems in the municipality will be refurbished and energy savings of 62% will be achieved.