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Friday, March 5, 2021

Benjamin, the operator of St. Joseph’s School, arrested in connection with unnatural sex act, calling the room and doing dirty work

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The case of unnatural sex with a student has been reported by a school director in Lakhisarai, Bihar. This case of unnatural sexual exploitation of the student is of St. Joseph’s School located in Kabayya police station area bypass road. It is alleged that the school’s director Benjamin Jaipal called a class 6 student in his room and made him a victim of his lust. Kabaiya police arrested him after receiving information about this abominable act.

The student was sent to Sadar Hospital for medical examination. Family members said that the said students while returning home Was crying. When asked what is the matter? So he told that the school director had done ‘dirty acts’ with him. The family demanded that strict action be taken against Benjamin Jaipal. However, the director has termed the allegations against him as false and baseless.

Hindu organizations and local people expressed anger

The accused director says that he had a dispute with the mother of the said student a few days ago, hence the charges have been leveled against him with a feeling of revenge. Kabaiya police station chief Rajiv Kumar is engaged in interrogating the student’s statement and the accused director. DSP Ranjan Kumar assured that the police will do the work of punishing the culprit by speed trial in this case. He spoke of bringing justice to the victim.

News published in the local edition of ‘Hindustan’ (sincerely)

The student told the police that the director first called him to his room and started pressing his feet. He then committed a wrongdoing and threatened to beat the student up for protesting. The angry mother of the student approached the director at the school but she did not get out, after which she went to the police Registered. Police said that such action will not be tolerated.

Mother and police statement (Sincerely: Lakhisarai Live)

Local Hindu activists protested that the intelligentsia is engaged in protecting the accused Benjamin for committing unnatural sexual acts with the student and if such a situation prevails, the Lakhisarai Hindus will be destroyed. The locals took out a march demanding the execution of the accused. The aggrieved mother also demanded strict punishment to the said school director, saying that it is not a child’s case, many children study in that school and all the family are worried.

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