Best New Movies & Series (February 12-18)

Finding Coke (2024)

Celebrities are the main trend during Valentine’s Week, although there is room for superheroes too.

Valentine’s Day marks this week’s release agenda, as many movies and series advance their releases by a few days to plan for that special date.

This much Board focuses on wednesday 14 February When cinema halls will be filled with couples eager to share their love for the seventh art.

Also remember there is no episode this week True Detective: Polar Night Since it premiered on Super Bowl Saturday, which coincided with the general launch, you’ll have a new episode of lord of the wind In apple tv+,

Today, at HobbyCine, we review some of these The best premiere movies and series coming to Spain during the week between February 12 and 18, 2024,

Looking for coke

Finding Coke (2024)

Movies director Teresa Bellon and Cesar F. Calvillo Explores a strange infidelity in a couple, when she sleeps with her husband’s lifelong idol.

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Filmed between Madrid and sunny Miami, looking for coke place a coke trap At the center of the plot, while César and Teresa, Silva and Jiménez’s characters, attempt to solve their problems.

Looking For Coke is one of the premieres that hits the Valentine’s Day billboard on Wednesday the 14th.


a 24

If the year was 2022 elvis2023 was his wife’s, Priscillathanks for that biopic Sofia Coppola Premiere months ago.

It took a while to reach Spain, but it will be available from this Wednesday Kelly Spaeny Priscilla Presley and like Jacob Elordi Like elvis.

they support them Emily Mitchell, Ari Cohen, R. Austin Ball, Kamila Kowal, Deanna Jarvis, Luke Humphrey, Keliah Guile and Jorja Cadence,

Madam web

Madam Web
Sony Pictures

Blockbuster of the Week is provided by Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man Universe which premieres in theaters madam web,

dakota johnson gets under the skin of cassandra web Whose abilities will unite four women with common superhero destinies.

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Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor, Isabella Merced, Tahar Rahim, Adam Scott, Emma Roberts, Mike Epps, Alana Monteiro and Brian Faherty. He completes the cast of this Marvel movie out of UCM.

Would you be able to perform better than this morbius and approach the number of poison,

New look

New Look
apple tv+

While Disney+ focused on the figures from a few weeks ago cristobal baleniacaga, apple tv+ Launched its own mini-series on the history of modern fashion: new look,

series focuses on Christian Dior During the years of World War II, but also includes such characters as Coco Chanel herself, Pierre Balmain and Cristóbal Baleniaga.

ben mendelsohn leads the cast of new look, they are with him Juliette Binoche, John Malkovich, Maisie Williams, Claes Bang, Glenn Close, Emily Mortimer, Nuno Lopes, Thomas Poitevin, Zabou Breitman,

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Wicked: Little Nicholas

(P) Icarus: Little Nicholas
netflix spain

On Netflix we are going to end with a documentary about one of the most shameful scandals in the recent history of our country: Little Nicholas.

Lal Manch opens on Thursday 15th Wicked: Little NicholasDocumentary that explores the tricks with which Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias managed to infiltrate the Spanish spheres of power.

He himself will recount some of the events he experienced in the first person, including the threats he received when the scandal became public.

Valentine’s week has a little bit of everything so you can enjoy movies and series either alone or in the company of that person who makes you feel special.


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