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Best VR To get a workout in the fitness game

For ages, gaming and fitness were virtually antonyms. Wii Sports was one of the first games to break this notion and really open up the possibilities of fitness in gaming. Within the ever-evolving world of virtual reality, that potential is only going to grow.

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VR fitness games bring a whole new meaning to “at home” workoutsGetting in shape, creating a more fun and immersive experience than just following along with the video tutorials. If you’re looking to hit the gym and get some virtual workouts in, here are some VR fitness games we recommend checking out.

10 Supernatural VR

A woman in fitness clothes and a white VR headset stands in virtual reality and cuts a rock

Supernatural VR is essentially Peloton Bike Of Vr Fitness Games, After your 30-day free trial ends, the game requires a $19 per month subscription to continue. What do you get for this expensive monthly subscription? Access to an incredible library of daily workouts Similar to Beat Saber’s 360 Mode Set in a hyper-realistic environment that requires some of the more nuanced hand movements.

You will also be coached during the entire “workout” by a virtual supernatural trainer, While Supernatural VR doesn’t offer much compared to other games for the sheer monthly price, if you need extra motivation mid-workout or want to splurge on tracking your workout stats, Supernatural is a good fit for you. may fit.

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9 fitxr

Two women wearing VR headsets stand in a virtual environment punching glowing objects, in the foreground is FITXR title art

Formerly known as “BoxVR,” FitXR is yet another take on the VR rhythm fitness game genre that requires a monthly subscription. However with FitXR, you get three different styles of workout: Boxing, Dancing, or HIIT,

Unlike Beat Saber or Supernatural, each mode Changes the way you interact with incoming targets instead of just slashing, For example, in boxing, you’ll aim to jab, cross, and uppercut to create a more balanced workout.

8 VZFit

Two players travel down a mountain road at sunset, one riding a bike, the other on a moving platform, with VZfit title art above

Have you ever wanted to run or bike some of the most beautiful roads in the world, but don’t have the money or time to travel? VZfit gives you the opportunity From the Alps to the French countryside, explore some of the most amazing places in the world while doing a cardio workout,

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You can literally jog through real-life locations captured with Google Street View. If you have an elliptical or vertical bike, You can sync your exercise equipment with the cadence sensor to ride in the VZfit, too,

7 holofit

A player rows a white kayak down a lush tropical river in first person, with a HUD showing time and speed as floats in front

Like VZfit, Holofit strives to bring your at-home workouts to a wider world. The difference is that in Holofit, the environments are completely virtual and are not based on real locations. holofit too Emphasizes on syncing your workouts with exercise equipment, such as rowing machines, ellipticals, and exercise bikes that use Bluetooth.

Holofit can still be used without any fitness machine in its “freestyle” mode, but only with Oculus Quest VR headsets. With or without syncing to any exercise machine, HoloFit offers a variety of virtual workouts, from rowing, running, cycling, and even skiing. However, it requires a monthly subscription of $10.79.

6 ohshep

A woman wearing a white VR headset leans back to avoid an oncoming orange block, and a blue block with a human cutout approaches her

Imagine Beat Saber, but only with walls and obstacles. It’s essentially similar to OhShape’s gameplay. With the trend of VR rhythm games, OhShape brings its own unique spin by focusing on moving and enlivening your body.

Unlike other rhythm games that throw you fast-paced targets to hit, In OhShape you have to dodge obstacles left and right, or position your body with all kinds of flexible ways to fit yourself through walls with human-sized cutouts. Done correctly, these mechanics should have you dancing through obstacles to burn off those carbs.

5 Phantom: Secret Ops

A man in army uniform and armor lifts a camo kayak away from a military helicopter

So maybe you want a little more action and story along with your workouts. Phantom Secret Ops nails this crossover, throwing you into an intense and immersive military stealth mission. Oh, and you’ll get a rowing workout, too.

Line your military kayak through wetlands occupied by hostile targets, Make strategic decisions to take out and risk enemies, or try and sneak your way through unseen missions, Phantom Secret Ops is currently only available for Oculus Quest 2, but it stands out as one of the few VR stealth fitness games on the market.

4 thrill of battle

A man wearing blue boxing gloves and shorts stands in a boxing ring with hands ready to fight, while a referee in a bow tie looks to one side

If you’ve ever felt nostalgic for the days of Wii sports boxing, let us introduce you to The Thrill of the Fight. Cue The Rocky Balboa Theme Song, thrill of battle teaches you the ins and outs of boxing, jabs, crosses, uppercuts, blocks and from dodges.

Fight against AI boxers to become the King of the Ring, and Track your progress and statistics with the Oculus Move app, With many players sharing their stories of being “cheated” for Oculus Quest 2 and starting at only $9.99 for Oculus Quest 2, The Thrill of the Fight looks like a bang for your buck.

3 climb 2

A pair of swimming gloves holds a taut rope, helicopters into a desert canyon and climbs with blimps in the background

You might not be looking for free solos in your living room, but If you want a good arm workout from the comfort of your home, take a look at The Climb 2 for Oculus Quest 2. whether sitting or standing, Climb 2 takes you to new heights with virtual environments such as expansive city views, gorgeous desert canyons, or climbing through vast cave systems,

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While you won’t be doing the same thing as going to an actual rock climbing gym, The Climb 2 gets your arms moving and heart racing, all for $29.99. Who needs a day pass when you can go rock climbing at home?

2 carving snowboarding

A snowboarder in black and gray cold weather gear looks over the snowy mountains at sunset

Move those hips as you climb the snowy slopes. carving snowboarding Provides a low-impact workout combined with some thrilling mountain scenery,

Like Skate 3 and most other snowboarding or skateboarding games, the gameplay focuses on pulling off tricks as you glide down a mountain to score points. You control your board by moving your hands, and when combined with a proper stance, carve snowboarding will burn your hands and feet thoroughly.

1 hit saber

A woman wearing a VR headset in a white T-shirt and sneakers leaps toward a red and blue block, her arms outstretched behind her holding two lightsabers

To put it simply, Beat Saber is a console vendor for VR, and for good reason. It’s an incredibly challenging and addictive rhythm sport at its core, with a sneaky cardio workout built in. Armed with two “sabers”, you must swing through the incoming color-coded blocks in the respective directions to beat in time, all while avoiding obstacles and bombs.

With a huge library of song packs available, Including artists like Lady Gaga and Billie Elisho, plus the unlimited number of custom songs available in the Oculus Quest or HTC Vive, there’s a lot to love about Beat Saber.

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