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‘Panda’ has a special look on his hands.

borja iglesias He is experiencing one of the best moments of his career. K Striker Real betis He is one of the scorers of LaLiga SantanderA competition in which he has already scored six goals, and his good work in the Seville team earned him Luis Enrique Martínez integrated the list of the Spain national team for the first time in his career.

Why do they call Borja Iglesias ‘Panda’

Panda is one of the players of the moment and the peculiarity of its appearance attracts the attention of fans. And the thing is, a good part of the football world probably doesn’t know Why did the former Espanyol player paint some of his nails black?

Betis: why does Borja Iglesias darken his nails

It was Borja Iglesias himself who June 2020 and through their social networks, took it upon himself to explain why he dyes some of his nails black. And the reason for this is, mainly, with Support the fight against racism and homosexuality in football and society.

Betis striker messaged a follower Twitter In which he clarified why he is seen getting his nails painted black in one of the photos. The Spanish international, as he explained, believes this is a good way to fight “Against Racism and Homosexuality”.

“What f… is it”Asked a follower on Twitter to which Iglesias replied as follows: “I’ll explain it to you, no problem. It’s a way to raise awareness and fight my position against racism, but I think it’s also good for me against homosexuality. I also have to admit that I I like them.”

It should be remembered that the application of Borja Iglesias coincided with the days in which many demonstrations around the world to the death of George Floyd in the United States at the hands of the police.


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