Betting on Taylor Swift is prohibited in the United States; This is what the NFL rules say

 Betting on Taylor Swift is prohibited in the United States;  This is what the NFL rules say - Fox Sports

With just a few days left until the final NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, Super Bowl LVIII is one of the biggest draws on the betting side, especially with… Taylor Swift?

The pairing between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift has caused a huge stir, even in the betting houses, because some things have been linked to whether or not the wedding will take place, their clothes, among other things, but Be careful. United States which is prohibited; Because

This is why you can’t bet on Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has become a sensation within the NFL by being in the box supporting Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs, so it’s doubtful whether or not she’ll make it to Super Bowl LVIII, but at least where. It appears that is at stake.

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Although this is a very fascinating topic, betting is banned in the United States with the facts surrounding the artist, and USA TODAY explains everything in the words of BetMGM senior trader Tristan Davis.

“The general rule for making prop bets in America is that they should be settled based on the action on the field and the outcome shown in the box score. He added, “This makes it difficult to place reasonable bets on Taylor Swift because she doesn’t play.”

By not appearing at the halftime show, being part of the Chiefs staff, being a player or having anything that directly connects him to Super Bowl LVIII, you can’t bet on him being in the last NFL game, though be careful, Only in the United States.

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For example, in other countries such as Mexico, there may be bets involving Taylor Swift, such as how many times she will appear on TV broadcasts, costumes, whether or not she will celebrate with Travis Kelce, etc.


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