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Beware of excesses in the festive season

The December holidays also bring joy, fun, and an abundance of food and alcoholic beverages. It is a time characterized by sharing with family, meeting with friends and, above all, the joy of excess. It is common that alcohol consumption increases in this season and food becomes permanently available, because of the habit of eating foods that are not usually eaten like fritters, custard, cookies, etc., which leads to decomposition of food. alters metabolism. body weight.

We turn to the experts to get some recommendations to be able to enjoy these holidays without spending much and to know what we can do to solve it, if we do. . (Read here: Healthy and balanced diet, because you can do it in December too)

effect of December excess

Although the December season is a holiday time to be shared with family, it is also true that excesses are harmful to the body at times. According to Dr. Diana Paredes, nutritionist at Colmédica Medical Centers, excessive alcohol consumption, increased consumption of foods with a high calorie content and decreased physical activity are common Christmas mistakes that have health-affecting sequelae:

• Increase in cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

• High blood sugar level.

• Increased level of stress statistics.

• Weight gain from body fat.

In this way, these consequences increase the risk of suffering from chronic non-communicable diseases such as: heart disease, overweight, obesity, or pathologies such as arterial hypertension or diabetes.

excess of food

On the subject of overeating, Dr. Claudia Figueredo explains the following are some of the symptoms to be aware of in case of overeating: abdominal pain, bloating, feeling of heaviness and excessive fullness, nausea or reflux, dizziness Nausea, headache, sleep disturbances and lack of energy.

To avoid excess of food we need

• Choose healthy and light menus on holidays and those that are not.

• Measure out portions, especially of foods high in calories.

• It is not necessary to consume all the food and sweets that are offered to us.

• If there are any symptoms due to the excess in the December food, we must keep these recommendations in mind:

• Reduce the amount of food and eat in portions

• Stop sugar and sweets.

• Increase intake of fruits.

• Do some physical activity like walking.

• Stay well hydrated.

excessive consumption of alcohol

We also have some tips to avoid overdoing alcoholic beverages, Dr. Eduardo Cepeda, a family physician, recommends:

What we should do to avoid poisoning is to know ourselves, have a clear knowledge of what my maladies are diagnosed, for example if I have diabetes or if I have high blood pressure or any kind of allergy

Remember that excess affects your health, so self-knowledge is the key to knowing how far to go and how much I should take according to what I take. above, in such a way that my conscience does not affect me, nor does my awareness

In addition, it is important that alcohol is purchased at a legal place, following all regulations, permits, and authorized sites.

Alcohol abuse is considered when there is some kind of change in my consciousness or when there is some kind of change in my motor or sensory functions, for example, dizziness, blurred vision, drowsiness, and If you are taking any kind of medication, it is important, talk to your doctor to see if I can drink alcohol.

Signs of a visit to the doctor in case of poisoning due to excess alcohol are:

• Changed vision.

• Neurological deficit which can be given by motor changes, ie, if you feel loss of strength, loss of mobility, slurred speech or fainting.

• If the person falls, loses postural tone, or has a loose sphincter.

• In case of severe headache, chest pain or uncontrollable vomiting, it is necessary to go to the emergency room immediately.

Over the long term, excess alcohol can cause:

• Liver diseases.

• Dehydrate very quickly

• acute problems, such as car accidents, fighting or conflicts with other people

• Eye diseases and even loss of vision.

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